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Just say it!

Magnus Carlsen is being a massive coward with this cheating scandal

With all of the drama going on with Twitch, the chess cheating scandals have been understandably swept under the rug.

There’s no sexual assault coverup accusations here (yet), but we have the worlds number-one player, Magnus Carlsen, subtly calling popular prodegy, Hans Niemann, a cheater.

Say it you coward!

The original cryptic allegations are now more than two weeks old, and Carlsen still hasn’t come out and called Niemann a cheater. He keeps hinting at it, and even withdrew from a recent match to intentionally stir things up more.

It’s one thing to withdraw from a match because you think someone is cheating – if you call them out for cheating. Carlsen has danced around it with the “I can’t say why” excuse for the better part of the month.

He had the same response to Niemann with Carlsen’s most recent resignation – saying nothing and letting speculation run wild.

For all anyone knows, Niemann is a cheater. But on the other side, Magnus Carlsen could just be a sore loser.

We don’t know, and it’s incredibly cowardly for Magnus to make cryptic statements without confirming his stance.

Say it! Say he’s cheating! Say it, or shut the f*ck up and play the game. Quit it with the cryptic sub-tweeting statements. Own it, or shut up.

Even the chess community is beginning to turn against Carlsen for his recent actions. It comes across as incredibly juvenile – affecting everyone in the tournament just to make a subtle point about Hans Niemann potentially cheating.

Call him a cheater, tell us how you think he’s doing it, and take a stance against playing him in tournaments.

It’s been long enough. Sh*t or get off the pot, Magnus. Call him a cheater or play the game.

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