The question of M4A4 vs. M4A1-S comes up a lot in Counterstrike.

The decision of which is best for you comes down to preference and playstyle. Ahead, we’ll look at which weapon is best for which situation – along with the better overall choice. If you’re asking me, the article’s banner speaks the truth…

The M4A4 is a historical weapon; we would be liars if we said we never equipped this gun in our loadout.

To get into technicalities, the M4A4 is best for close-range combat if you’re a beginner/intermediate player (you’re not semi-professional just because you’re Twitter bio says so).

The M4A4 trades a larger clip for a harder-to-control spray pattern – especially for newer or less serious players – making it more conducive to closer-ranged combat.

Large spray=large body pile! The spray of the M4A4 makes it harder to reach distant enemies and – unlike the AK – is a two-shot headshot against armor.

The M4A4, when well-mastered, is impressive. You have more ammo than the M4A1-S, so those who master the spray pattern can truly dominate with this weapon.

Don’t worry, M4A1-S users. We know the correct answer.

The M4A1-S is the most used M4 variant in the current meta. The shift from the M4A4 towards the M4A1-S has only happened within the last six months.

Naturally, changes like this start from the top. We started to see names like s1mple, Yekindar, and Twistzz uses this weapon more often, which rubbed off onto the CSGO community.

In its current state, this weapon is just better. It’s incredibly accurate and has a more straightforward spray pattern than the M4A4. Newcomers and well-versed trashcans alike will have more success with this weapon!

The only disadvantage to the M4A1-S is the ammo count. You also might not be able to get the same lucky spray transfer shots as the M4A4 can.