Less than a month after the news of Abraham ‘Sliker’ Mohammed’s massive scam rocked Twitch, Ludwig Ahgren and Félix ‘xQc’ Lengyel have paid back all of the victims to the tune of almost $150,000.

The duo pledged to pay everyone back after the story became public in September. Sliker had been scamming his fans, viewers, and other streamers to help fund his gambling addiction.

In his announcement tweet, Ludwig called on Twitch to ban Sliker, who remains able to stream on the site.

Ludwig’s Sliker refund

Although this is good news for the victims, such attempts have been made before. Trainwreckstv has bought Sliker’s debt multiple times, including once when he tried to pay everyone back, individually.

When Trainwrecks tried to pay people back one by one, he was confronted with people who were gambling alongside Sliker, and splitting the money with him.

Hopefully, these payments all went to the right people.

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