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Ludwig announces new studio, first project with xQc

During a profile interview with The Washington Post, popular YouTube streamer, Ludwig Ahgren has announced that he’s creating his own studio/agency. The company’s first project will be a game show called “Juiced” with xQc.

Ludwig made it clear that the agency is setting him up for life after streaming. “I’ve always accepted the fact that there will be a point where my career ends,” he said, “rather than fear that … I love the idea of helping other creators.”

Ludwig announces new studio

Ludwig & the new streaming meta

The new company’s team shouldn’t come as a surprise to any current Ludwig fan. His current group will be heavily involved.

Atrioc, Stanz, and Mogul Moves COO, Nick Allen, will all be a part of Ludwig’s new studio.

Ludwig has been at the forefront of pushing live-streaming forward in recent years, hosting game shows like Mogul Money and Hivemind – both of which were widely successful.

More recently, he transitioned his stream to the real world with a live Mogul Money event, featuring xQc, Sodapoppin, Mizkif, and more.


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“I think it’s a more sustainable way to stream,” Ludwig told The Washington Post’s Nathan Grayson, while referring to streaming events like Mogul Money.

Ahgren also revealed that he had a five-year plan to quit streaming when he began. He’s at the four-year mark, right now.

This is exciting for streamers and live-streaming fans. With Ludwig’s new studio in the mix, it looks like more creators will have more freedom to create, rather than sitting on-stream for 12 hours a day.