Credit: League of Legends

LPL: EDward Gaming unleash Annie TOP against JD Gaming in Week 1

New season, new picks, right?

Annie was picked in the LPL and no, it was not by Cryin who played her during Worlds 2021. 

The LPL has started on Jan. 10, and we are already getting a glimpse of how the meta will look like in 2022. Everything seemed normal until Jan. 11, when 2021 World Champion Flandre took matters in his own hands. 

In a game from the first round of the 2022 LPL Spring split, EDG last picked Annie against JD Gaminga surprise for everyone watching, casters included. 

Although it seemed like a troll pick, EDG knew what they were doing and stomped JDG in 26 minutes as they scored 29 kills to JDG’s 9. Facing few to no problems in the Top Lane, Flandre had an impactful game on Annie, finishing with a 3/1/10 KDA. 

With their win against JD Gaming in their first game of the season, EDward Gaming have started the season on a strong note as they defend their LPL title (2021, Summer) and World Championship crown (2021).