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The LPL is back: anything can happen in the 2022 summer split

Springtime lethargy, final exams of the academic year, watching 66 boring, and pointless best-of-ones at MSI—so many reasons to be exhausted from spring and look forward to summertime. 

Before you take a morning swim (or a morning walk), be aware that a new and likely even crazier LPL season is about to start. Alongside a huge meta-shifting patch and little time for prep, we are in for a banger start of the season.

The Kings of Spring, Royal Never Give Up, kicked off the mid-season with a ‘totally logical and rational roster move.’ After winning the LPL spring split and MSI, they traded their superstar top laner Bin—the guy who made Xiaohu roleswap back to mid—for BiliBili Gaming’s Breathe.

As is LPL custom at this stage, Super Leaker Doinb broke the news. Despite admitting to paying tens of thousands of dollars in fines for his leaks, he continues to be the hero we need, but probably don’t deserve.

In the sea of roster moves starring people you’ve probably never heard of, there are a few more interesting ones:

  • Zoom joins Cryin and Elk in Ultra Prime after a disastrous spring split.
  • After playing nine games for BLG in the spring split, Uzi is a free agent again. He’s also about to become a dad, by the way.
  • Hoya (DWG KIA’s top laner before Nuguri returned) departed for ThunderTalk.
  • Finally, Maple “abandoned Anyone’s Legends ship” and decided to retire in NA on TSM, but you already know that.

The favorites to win the 2022 LPL Summer split are RNG, EDG, TES, and V5. Also, maybe JDG and LNG. BLG? Weibo could surprise.

Did we say that the competitive level of Chinese League of Legends is off the charts and we can’t make up our mind as far as who will win? No? Here we go.

While their main competitor for “the best league in the world,” LCK, is very top-heavy; LPL has ten teams that could fight for a Worlds spot. As the split progresses, some teams will fall off, and some will rise above all. But it doesn’t change how stacked the LPL is.

Source: Riot Games

  • RNG is still excellent despite losing Bin.
  • If Tian can find his consistent form, Top Esports led by knight will be very scary. 
  • Rookie and Karsa playing together in Victory 5 at this level was a pleasure to watch in Spring. Can they take the next step?
  • JD Gaming looks rejuvenated with 369 and Hope to get back to Worlds (hi Phreak!)
  • That is just the top four teams from Spring playoffs, and we didn’t even mention World champions EDG, BLG who just got Bin, the super-stacked LNG team and even Weibo Gaming (basically 2020 Suning + TheShy).

Indeed, anything can happen in the LPL, so the best thing you can do in your mornings is to turn on the LPL and enjoy the craziness. NA fans, you can wake up at 3 AM to watch LPL, then sleep at work or during the LCS.

The 2022 LPL Summer split kicks off tomorrow, June 10th, at 10:45 CET / 4:45 AM EDT, with Invictus Gaming facing Weibo Gaming, followed up by a thrilling EDG vs. FPX matchup. You can watch all the action on LPL’s English broadcast on Twitch(link here) and Youtube(link here). 

Be sure to tune in because the broadcast is very cool, educational, and fun. (Not sponsored, we promise. If you heard us say this about the LCS, though…)

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