EU and CIS teams continue to fight to stay alive in the EMEA Playoff Lower Bracket.

Today, round one continues as Guild face off against Fire Flux and NAVI take on Giants Gaming.

Ahead is a live recap of all of the action.


NAVI(1) vs Giants(1)

Ascent was a lot better this time around, as NAVI and Giants traded chunks of rounds to the end.

Giants was able to edge out the overtime victory, 14-12. largely off of the battle Cypher play from Meddo.

On Breeze, NAVI and Giants split rounds while the latter team was attacking, but Giants couldn’t hold the front on defense.

NAVI tied the series 1-1 with a 13-7 win on Breeze.

It all came down to Split, where NAVI was able to stand strong for the 13-8 victory.

Giants put up a good fight, but NAVI held on to win.

Guild(2) vs Fire Flux(0)

Split saw Fire Flux take an early lead, winning four out of the first five rounds.

Unfortunately, the success didn’t last. They only won two of the next 14 rounds, with no players having a positive K/D by the end.

Guild wins Split 13-6.

Ascent was even more lopsided, as we see the first 13-0 in Challengers 3.

It’s insanely hard to 13-0 a team at the pro level, but Guild has proven that they’re a significant tier above FF.

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