VAlorant Challengers

Lower bracket begins: VCT Challengers 3 EMEA Playoff live blog

Last chance to make a stand for Team Liquid, Oxygen, forZe, and FPX as they battle it out in the lower bracket.

Here’s a live recap of each map as the lower bracket of the EMEA playoffs kicks off.

Riot Games

FPX(1) vs forZe(2)

FunPlus Pheonix, who was expected to win the matchup with forZe, started hot with a 13-4 showing on Icebox.

forZe was only to take the first two pistol and two more buy rounds. Apart from that, they had no answer for FPX, with ShadoW leading the way 21/8/6.

Well, the blowout on Icebox was not indicative of the rest of the series. The two teams stood strong while attacking, forcing the game into overtime.

In overtime, however, neither team could break through on attack for several rounds.

Finally, seddy said “enough is enough.” forZe broke the ice and ended the map at 24-22.

The massive overtime loss was likely quite defeating for FPX, and forZe was able to ride the momentum of a hard-fought win into another 13-8 victory on Split.

Team Liquid(2) vs Oxygen(0)

After a technical difficulties forced Oxygen to finish their match with G2 earlier in the day, Team Liquid exploited some fatigue by absolutely rolling their opponent on Haven.

Oxygen had no answer for Liquid, leading to the most dominating win in the EMEA playoffs so far: 13-1.

Oxygen didn’t fair too much better on Breeze, taking only three more rounds.

Liquid closes this one out easily, winning a grand total of 26-4.

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