LOUD player tests positive for COVID at VCT Masters – will still compete

At this point, it would be more surprising for an international LAN event to finish without a case of COVID.

At VCT Masters 1 in Reykjavík, we have our first confirmed case of COVID from LOUD's aspas. He announced the positive result on Twitter, saying that his symptoms are mild.

Alex Francois, the Head of Competitive Operations at Riot, also released a statement on the matter.

According to the rulings, any team that has a player test positive can still compete from isolation if the player is well enough to.

Riot Games

Luckily for LOUD and Brazilian Valorant fans is that LOUD is already in the playoffs, meaning they have another 3-4 days before they'll need to compete.

Either way, it looks like they'll be doing so from a remote LAN quarantine facility. 

I'd say that this is probably an advantage, as they won't need to face the nerves of physically being on the main stage for the first time.