Fortnite Season 6 FNCS

Longtime Fortnite pro, Kreo, announces retirement

It looks like the Fortnite community will be losing another OG as Nate "Kreo" Kou announced that he'll be leaving competitive Fortnite at the end of this season's FNCS.

Kreo has been in the game since the early days, even placing 4th in the World Cup Solo competition - earning a cool $1,050,000.

Although Kreo has always remained in the mix, his earnings took a hit over the past two years - only about $36,000 compared to $1,183,000 in 2018/2019.

Kreo is still extremely young and could go on to compete in other titles - or return to Fortnite. The future is still bright for this OG Fortnite millionaire.