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League of Legends has amassed a huge following over the years. Now, we offer you the chance to stay in the know with dedicated LoL news articles and gaming guides.

If you stick with us here at Jaxon.gg, you’ll be the first to hear about the latest updates. We fact-check changes to competitive rosters, discuss the latest controversies in the game, and put the focus on tournament play. Plus, we will provide you with some top strategy guides that will aid both your playing and betting experience.


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League of Legends has never had its own awards show, but two prominent members of the community are creating The League Awards, ...
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Learn what lethality really does in League of Legends
What is lethality in League of Legends, and why is it so important? League of Legends ...
T1 bans streams for its League of Legends team, here’s why
T1 announced the suspension of all League of Legends streams until further notice, and fans are ...
LCS Summer Finals location leaked and fans are angry
The LCS Summer Finals location has reportedly ...
Brittany Alva
League of Legends NACL fearless draft explained
League of Legends North American Challengers League, ...
M Alzamora
The EMEA Summer Split format is getting a rework
Ahead of the EMEA Masters Summer Split, ...
Kenneth Williams
LoL Esports World Cup teams will basically be another MSI
Eight of the best League of Legends ...
Kenneth Williams
When does the LCS Summer Split start in 2024?
With the 2024 LCS Spring’s thrilling conclusion, ...
Fariha Bhatti
How much do the new Faker skins cost? They’re insane
Lee "Faker" Sang-hyeok is set to become ...
Kenneth Williams
Is Forsen actually good at League of Legends?
Popular Twitch streamer Sebastian “Forsen” Fors is grinding hard in League of Legends, but is he ...
Kenneth Williams
A One Man Army will miss Elite Series, here’s why
According to confirmed reports, A One Man ...
Kenneth Williams
Faker announced as first Hall of Legends inductee
League of Legends Esports and Mercedes-Benz has ...
M Alzamora
New LoL patch promises K’Sante nerfs and lane swap changes
League of Legends is releasing patch 14.11 ...
Vladislav Tchakarov
New LoL ban wave proves that cheaters are no longer safe
While the League of Legends community stands divided regarding the new anti-cheat system, the latest LoL ...
Brittany Alva
Fnatic’s Noah is deleting his Twitter, here’s why
Fnatic ADC Oh “Noah” Hyeon-taek is taking an indefinite break from social media including Twitter after ...
Brittany Alva
League of Legends new mastery system and controversy explained
The champion mastery system is revamped in ...
Brittany Alva
LoL patch 14.10 brings major changes to kill rewards and runes
League of Legends patch 14.10 is here, ...
Brittany Alva
League of Legends lane swaps explained and why they work
League of Legends doesn't always need a ...
Steven Rondina
LCS axes Spring Finals roadshow, that’s bad news for esports fans
Riot Games confirmed that there won’t be ...
Steven Rondina
Kcorp has been an epic flop in LEC, how did it go so wrong?
Karmine Corp’s fans are not happy with ...
Steven Rondina
MAD Lions KOI hates Karmine Corp? Here’s why there’s drama
The 2024 LEC season might be defined ...
Steven Rondina
Here’s why Astralis, KOI Infinite Reality, & Excel aren’t in LEC 2024
The 2024 LEC lineup looks quite different ...
Steven Rondina
Here’s why TSM, Evil Geniuses and Golden Guardians left the LCS
TSM, Evil Geniuses, and the Golden Guardians ...
Steven Rondina
MSI 2024 will be bigger than ever with Worlds qualification changes
LoL Esports has revealed a new way ...
Steven Rondina
Prime Gaming is losing LoL and Valorant skins, here’s when
Riot Games’ partnership with Amazon’s Prime Gaming ...
Steven Rondina
The LCS schedule just got way better with MarkZ as commisioner
The LCS has a new commissioner for ...
Steven Rondina
Team Heretics signed your favorite ex-G2 Esports stars to its roster
Team Heretics is putting together a G2 ...
Steven Rondina
All 2024 LCS rosters confirmed with NRG’s signing of huhi
NRG announced support Choi "huhi" Jae-hyun as ...
Steven Rondina
Team Liquid confirms 2024 LCS roster with ex-LCK star UmTi
Team Liquid finalized its 2024 LCS roster ...
Steven Rondina
Gen.G confirms full 2024 LCK roster, including the fate of Chovy
Gen.G revealed its new LCK lineup ahead ...
Steven Rondina
Rekkles reportedly joined T1, but will we see him play with Faker?
Former Fnatic player Martin “Rekkles” Larsson has ...
Jared Wynne
T1 wins 2023 World Championship with near-perfect playoff run
T1 has once again established itself as ...
Jared Wynne
Can Weibo Gaming stop Faker and T1 in the 2023 Worlds finals?
Lee "Faker" Sang-hyeok is the unquestioned all-time ...
Jared Wynne
T1 is the last hope for Korea and the LCK in Worlds 2023 semis
As the quarterfinals drew to a close ...
Jared Wynne
NRG moves on, LEC teams are out at 2023 World Championship
The 2023 World Championship has been full ...
Christian Vejvad
Immortals is changing the mid lane by officially signing Ablazeolive for 2023
Immortals is looking to rebuild its LCS ...
Rekkles back to fnatic sounds like a horrible idea
Fool me once, shame on you. Fool ...
Christian Vejvad
Riot Games CEO says 2023 will have the biggest budget in company history
2023 could be the biggest year in ...
Worlds 2020 champion Nuguri retires from playing League of Legends competitively
According to a report by Ashley Kang ...
Faker re-signs with T1 from 2023, until 2025
Weeks of speculations have ended as T1 ...
Yohan Markov
Bwipo to take a split off, will focus on solo queue to find a new team
After a disastrous year in North America ...
Christian Vejvad
Cloud9 announce its updated LCS roster and Challengers lineup
Cloud9 has announced its lineups for the ...
Yohan Markov
MAD Lions Hylissang exclusive interview
After spending nearly five years on Fnatic, ...
Hanwha Life Esports announce 2023 LCK superteam
Hanwha Life Esports have quickly become the ...
The Jaxon League of Legends World Cup
In honor of the 2022 FIFA World ...
Zoran Papak
OFFICIAL: MAD Lions replacing Armut with X7 esports top laner Chasy
MAD Lions officially announced the acquisition former ...
Yohan Markov
Sources: Nafkelah has reached an agreement with Fnatic TQ
Andrija "Nafkelah" Kovačević will be the new ...
League of Legends 2022 offseason tracker: roster rumors and updates
The League of Legends offseason has arrived ...
Twitter finds schnapps ad featuring Sejauni-like character
A tweet featuring a 1987 magazine ad ...
DWG KIA unveil 2023 LCK lineup
DWG KIA have become one of the ...
Christian Vejvad
Huhi returns to Golden Guardians for the 2023 LCS season
After two years with 100 Thieves, support ...
Yohan Markov
Riot Games identifies 14 Turkish Academy League players involved in match-fixing
Riot Games have identified 14 players from ...
Christian Vejvad
Spica reportedly making the jump to FlyQuest for the upcoming LCS season
It’s expected that FlyQuest will make big ...
Zoran Papak
Hanwha Life Esports announce signing of Viper, Scout rumored to follow
Viper officially joining Hanwha Life Esports in ...

League of Legends has proven to be one of the most popular and enduring video games in the world. It is the industry’s top MOBA, with players across every gaming region. With new champions and game features being added each year, it’s hard to see LoL stopping anytime soon.

League of Legends is the world’s biggest esport

For many fans of the game, League of Legends is defined first and foremost by its prominent esports scene. No other game has so big and far-reaching a cohesive web of esports competitions, nearly all of which is run in-house by LoL developer and publisher Riot Games.

Esports competitions in League of Legends are divided by a number of regional leagues in which teams of five players compete against each other for trophies, cash prizes, and the opportunity to play at prestigious international tournaments. Some of these leagues now have over a decade of history to their name, showing the enduring popularity of LoL and its competitive outlets.

The League Championship Series (LCS) may be the most prominent name attached to League of Legends esports. Based in Los Angeles, California, the LCS was created in 2013 as the competitive hub for League of Legends in North America. It has carried on since, and has prominently featured some of the biggest team names in all of esports, including Cloud9, Team Liquid, and Team SoloMid.

The competition expanded to Europe in the form of the European League Championship Series, which was renamed as the League of Legends European Championship (LEC) in 2019. Like the LCS, the LEC has established a long tradition of competitive play, in its case with such big brand names as G2 Esports and Fnatic.

The most successful League of Legends teams are traditionally found in Asia, split between two prominent competitions there: the LCK in Korea, and the LPL in China.

Korea’s LCK has played host to some of the biggest individual names in all of esports history. Lee “Faker” Sang-hyeok is considered by some to be the most famous and successful esports competitor across all games, and he has spent his entire career in the LCK while helping to accrue multiple domestic and international championships for his team, T1.

In the LPL, Chinese teams have established what is broadly considered to be the single most competitive league in all of LoL esports. That competitive environment has seen LPL teams rise up and repeatedly challenge the best LCK teams for international dominance, while LCS and LEC teams do their best to keep up.

Competitive play isn’t limited to these regions, however. League of Legends is played competitively across the world, from Brazil to Japan, from Australia to Vietnam. In each case, the top teams from regions big and small are given the opportunity to prove their mettle at grand international stages.

League of Legends has two major international tournaments each calendar year. The League of Legends World Championship is the biggest of those, crowning the overall champion for the game each year and featuring as much history and prestige as any esports event in the world. The Mid-Season Invitational is the second, occurring earlier in the year and giving fans an additional chance to see top players from around the globe clash beyond their regional boundaries.

👀 What is League of Legends?

League of Legends is a multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA), in which two teams of five players battle for control of a map with the ultimate goal of destroying the enemy team’s nexus, the prime objective in each team’s home base.

The game’s map features a number of objectives to be had by teams, most of which are optional, but each of which is very important in establishing dominance over the map and creating a pathway to the enemy team’s base. These include defensive turrets, neutral monsters, and other map features.

Through combat with other players, neutral creatures, and each team’s minions that steadily march from base towards the other, players accrue experience and gold. These two resources are used to increase the player’s range and effectiveness of abilities, and to purchase empowering items, respectively.

League of Legends features an immense roster of unique characters called champions. Each champion has its own set of abilities that set it apart from other champions, giving each champion its own playing style. This diverse range of champions and abilities is a large part of what has made LoL so popular over the years, as the clash of different styles creates interesting and engaging combat.

What’s more, new champions are added to the game each year, and older champions are sometimes updated with new and different abilities. Combined with the addition of new features to the game’s map, this all helps to keep the game fresh and interesting for its players.

Who made League of Legends?

League of Legends was made by developer and publisher Riot Games, and Riot also continues working on the game as a live service each year.

Riot Games was itself founded in September 2006. League of Legends was Riot’s first game release, and that release took place in October 2009, more than three years after Riot’s founding. Patience paid off, as League of Legends took the gaming world by storm and has remained one of the world’s biggest, most popular, and most lucrative games ever since its release.

For many years, League of Legends was Riot’s sole focus. The company did eventually begin work on other games, putting revenues from LoL’s success towards those new ventures. These have most prominently included first-person shooter Valorant and digital collectible card game Legends of Runeterra. Valorant in particular has become one of the world’s most popular video games, taking its place next to League of Legends in that regard.

Riot Games has not been without its controversies over the years, ranging from issues with the individuals running the company to questions over its ownership. The company is also frequently criticized by players for its monetization practices and its game balancing efforts.

🔎 League of Legends news and information, all in one place

Looking for all the latest news, views, and information on League of Legends? Then look no further, because jaxon.gg has you covered. From breaking news on the game’s newest champions to in-depth analysis of LoL esports, and from updates on developer Riot Games to breakdown of the newest balance patches, you’ll find everything you need to know about League of Legends right here.

jaxon.gg is the best place for news on LoL champions, patches, and esports. Everything you want to know about League of Legends, all in one place.

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