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How to browse the in-game item shop in League of Legends

Itemization plays a significant role in League of Legends as players shop for items to enable their champions to grow stronger. Spending Gold on the right items can make or break a game; thus, knowing the ins and outs of the in-game shop is a fundamental skill in LoL.

Navigating the in-game shop efficiently will help you build the correct items and do it fast enough to avoid wasting any time browsing in the middle of a game. But first, for those barely getting into League of Legends…

Where can I find the in-game item shop?

The in-game shop is where every game starts at the fountain, and you can click on the shopkeeper to open it. In fact, it will be the first action of every player in the game: buy the initial items before heading into a lane.

That said, you can also open the item shop by pressing P on your keyboard. The keybind can be changed in the in-game options to anything a player wishes.

Players will visit the item shop frequently as they Recall or, at worst, die and wait to respawn. That way, they can build up strength throughout a game slowly and steadily.

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Upon entering the shop, players can find the “Recommended” tab, which will recommend items that match the champion you play.

That way, new players don’t have to overthink it and can follow the recommendations, especially as Season 13 takes recommendations from the best-performing players on the champion.

You can use the recommended tab throughout the whole game as a guide as it updates its suggestions during the game.

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How to browse the item shop freely

If you want to browse all items, you can enter the “All Items” tab or try the “Item Sets” tab, where you can find pre-designed builds before queueing into games. Many third-party tools and apps have used this functionality to provide lists of items based on popular build paths.

On the left side of the shop, you will see two quick tabs. The upper one allows you to buy Trinkets, Potions, and Wards without searching for them. Below that is a quick tab for boots, which will also come in handy every game (unless you’re playing Cassiopeia: snakes don’t have feet).

When you select an item, it will show up on the right side of the shop. Here, it will show you all the components needed to build the respective item and their price. You will also get a description of the item you have selected.

At the bottom, you will have the option to “Sell” and “Undo.” The Undo function is a live safer if you bought the wrong item, whereas selling is necessary in some cases to make room for new items.

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How to filter for items in the League of Legends in-game shop

In the “All Items” tab, you will find that there are a lot of different filters. While they can initially seem confusing, they will be beneficial when you get the hang of them. 

The top filter icons help divide items into specific roles. If you are playing a marksman, Ability Power items likely won’t be relevant for you (bar patch changes, specific champion needs, or more specialized builds). By using the role filters, you can gain direct access to all the viable items.

Choose between Fighter, Marksman, Assassin, Mage, Tank, and Support. You can also choose “Popular” to see the most popular items for the champion you play. 

On the left side, you will find more options that filter based on stats. You can filter by Attack Damage items, Ability Power Items, Armor, Magic Resist, and much more. If you want to reset, simply hit the “Clear Filters” button at the top, and you are back where you started. 

If you already know what you need, you can also search for the item names on the Search Bar.

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Tips and tricks when browsing for items in League of Legends

It might take a few games to become familiar with the in-game shop, but as you practice, you will find it very convenient. 

If you want to optimize your time, use the quick tabs frequently and practice your build paths in advance. If you know what you want to buy in advance, you will find yourself using very little time in the shop.

If you play the same champion, you can use the “Item Sets” to make your life easier. Most champions have core items that they always build, so plot them into an item set and save it for the next time you play. 

Finding the items while you recall can save you some seconds, but always be careful with this trick. If an enemy pops up, it can lead to a quick death. So only do this if you recall from a safe space.

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