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Logan Paul accused Bad Bunny of committing tax fraud after defending himself on the Phillip de Franco show.

Logan Paul has been under a lot of criticism following Bad Bunny’s music video/documentary “Aqui vive gente“. The documentary by Puerto Rican journalist Bianca Graulau focuses on the gentrification of Puerto Rico. Basically, there are laws in Puerto Rico that enable foreigners to pay little to no income tax, making it more attractive for them to move there.

But this does not come with its own issues as the documentary highlights. On the Phillip de Franco show, Logan Paul was interviewed by Phill about the situation. Logan clarifies that he only is commenting on the situation because of all the “undeserved” criticism he has received since the release of the video.

Screenshot from “Phillip de Franco”
Logan Paul during his interview

Logan Paul defends himself

“So, I see this music video that has stuck me in the middle of it; that’s surrounded by context that makes me look like a vulture in Puerto Rico,” Paul said. “Again, while I love Bad Bunny, I cannot personally support the hypocritical nature of his exploitation.”

As Logan Paul continues his interview, towards the end he accuses Bad Bunny of taking advantage of the same laws he is accusing Logan of. This, of course, sparked outrage on the internet, with thousands of Bad Bunny fans coming to his aid.

It is important to note that Logan Paul is accusing Bad Bunny of taking advantage of the same laws that Bad Bunny is accusing him of. This whole situation might get messy.

At the moment, Bad Bunny has not responded to the accusations, but surely this is not over! We will make sure to keep you updated.

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