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LNG triumph over FPX on Doinb’s match against his former team

LNG Esports overcame FunPlus Phoenix in doinb’s first game against his former team, a thrilling Bo3 series on Jan. 26, 2022. Following the result, LNG stand undefeated in the LPL with a 5-0 series record on Week 3.

Both teams were doing great in the standings, with LNG having a 4-0 record and 3-1 to FPX, after several significant roster changes took effect. Former Gen.G jungler – Clid , made his debut this game after signing with FPX during the offseason. Meanwhile, Doinb had to face his former organization – FPX, with whom he won the 2019 World Championship. 

LNG accelerated the pace quickly in Game 1, and it would have been a fast-paced stomp if not for FPX’s great teamfightingInstead, FPX resisted and stayed in the game for a while, but LNG still won through great individual performances from the whole team. Doinb received the MVP award for the first game after his amazing Ryze performance. 

Game 2 started like the first one, but FPX held the upper hand this time around. LNG tried to contend, but FPX gained a sizable gold lead, and their tempo on the map was impossible to match. Indeed, at the 22nd minute, FPX secured an early Hextech Soul, signaling LNG’s end and an early Game 3By the time FPX tied the series at 1-1, the kill count ballooned to a massive 24-5 score in their favor. 

In Game 3, LNG’s AD Carry, Light had a fantastic start as his Jinx scored three kills by minute 4. The game seemed to be over before it started, but FPX showed up once again as they actively traded kills and objectives around the map. 

The series’ outcome came down to a teamfight around the dragon pit on the 28th minute: LNG scored four kills and secured themselves the Chemtech Soul, which they used to win the game. Light secured the MVP of that game with his performance on Jinx, finishing with an astonishing 10/0/6 KDA.

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