The LEC has returned to action on June 11, with five matchups taking place between 18:00 CET and 23:00 CET. There was much to watch between G2 Esports vs. MAD Lions’ close contest to start the split, to Misfits Gaming and Fnatic being a Frenchman’s delight.

Of course, there was brawling for the sake of brawling, and a game that was so one-sided that it was too graphic to watch. Those who missed the action or are in need of a refresher may proceed further:

G2 Esports vs. MAD Lions


  • G2 Esports: Thresh, Lee Sin, Udyr | Wukong, Leona
  • MAD Lions: Gwen, Renekton, Nocturne | Tahm Kench, Karma


  • G2 Esports: Varus | Viego, Syndra | Xin Zhao, Rakan
  • MAD Lions: Lucian, Rumble | Ezreal, Braum | Jayce

MAD Lions responded to G2’s skirmish-heavy drafting with potent tools for side lane pressure and objective sieging with strong laning phases, aiming to divide and conquer from the start. However, the approach left them open to early skirmishes; as camps respawn slower, Jankos’s ganks are trickier to punish.

Although Jankos scored first blood in the mid lane at the 3-minute mark, MAD Lions traded blow for blow, gaining the upper hand on a macro standpoint: taking Rift Herald while losing two players (9:00). Eventually, they stabilized enough to start their split pushing, with the first outer turret falling at the 14-minute mark, and secure another Rift Herald at 16:16.

Despite MAD’s focus on objectives and isolated kill attempts, G2 Esports stemmed the tide and remained even in Turret takedowns. G2’s resilience paid off as they were able to gain position around the Drake pit, with Wunder’s flank on Viego setting the stage for a 4-0 trade, Dragon, and Baron Nashor. From that point on, MAD helplessly watched as G2 destroyed two inhibitors (26-minute mark) then close the game after 29 minutes of action.

Astralis vs. SK Gaming


  • Astralis: Thresh, Xin Zhao, Lulu | Sett, Viego
  • SK Gaming: Renekton, Gwen, Nocturne | Karma, Sylas


  • Astralis: Ezreal | Lee Sin, Leona | Viktor, Trundle
  • SK Gaming: Kai’Sa, Nautilus | Rumble, Lucian (Top) | Orianna (Mid)

Astralis and SK Gaming flexed picks to eventually secure their compositions, with SK drifting into some sort of split-pushing with Lucian, and Astralis keeping it team-fight centric. However, the draft had little repercussions on the initial bloodbath and on the amount of Teleport spells used in the bot lane.

Treatz’s first game as a jungler could not have started better: a favorable matchup and a solid gank after the initial clear stabilized his bot lane, leading Astralis to contest attempts at escalating that advantage further, as Teleport was used 7 times in the bot lane in the initial 12 minutes.

Eventually, the game slowed down to a crawl, with the victor being whoever played the best around objectives and during team fights. With both teams jockeying for position and starting team fights on a knife’s edge, it was not pretty — other than the kill score, 17-15 for Astralis.

In the end, Astralis was victorious. Despite conceding Infernal Soul, they claimed the Elder Drake at the 36-minute mark, sieged the mid inhibitor, claimed Baron Nashor unopposed, then closed the game after 43 minutes of action — with Zanzarah playing on a broken left hand.

Rogue vs. Excel Esports


  • Rogue: Ezreal, Lee Sin, Varus | Leona, Nautilus
  • EXCEL: Gwen, Renekton, Senna | Thresh, Malphite


  • Rogue: Rumble | Jayce, Kalista | Alistar, Kennen
  • EXCEL: Wukong, Xin Zhao | Akali, Kai’Sa | Rakan

Although Jayce is a difficult pick to fit within Rogue’s team composition unless he gains a lead, Rogue hold the upper hand during team fights as they can control the terms of (dis)engagement. On the other hand, EXCEL’s diving abilities can decide team fights within the initial seconds if they get there.

Rogue’s farming provided them an edge throughout a skirmish-free early-game, as Larssen and Hans sama tallied 20-cs leads at the 10-minute mark. Then through Inspired’s proactivity, the team’s lead ballooned to 8k gold at 18mns after claiming two Drakes and four towers.

Other than a kill on Larssen’s Jayce and Odoamne’s Kennen late in the game, EXCEL were tamed. The game’s outcome became official following a 22-minute Baron Nashor takedown as Larssen’s Jayce damaged opponents away from their defenses. EXCEL’s last stand yielded a single kill in a 1-for-5 ace, as Rogue took the W after 25 minutes.


Schalke 04 Esports vs. Team Vitality


  • S04: Akali, Thresh, Kog’Maw | Ryze, Nocturne
  • Vitality: Gwen, Rumble, Ezreal | Nautilus, Leona


  • S04: Renekton | Taliyah, Sivir | Lee Sin, Alistar
  • Vitality: Varus, Lulu | Xin Zhao, Viego | Braum

Unlike the previous games, the draft doesn’t matter much: Schalke 04’s cursed luck was apparent from Level 1 onward, as if the players owned the opposite of Midas’s touch in their attempts to play the game. Judging by the events that transpired later, Kirei’s death at Level 1 in the river was the least of their worries.

From the 3:10 mark onward, the game’s state was compromised: leaning heavily in Vitality’s favor. Everything turned into disaster: Kirei gave up double buff to LIDER’s Viego as he was counterganked; S04 collectively failed a 3v1 dive top, with SLT picking a kill with Selfmade’s assistance; and a 3v1 mid lane gank on Crownshot still ended in a 1-for-1. Even Rift Herald failed to reach the tower.

So it was, that Team Vitality ended their improvised showcase at the 25-minute mark with a 12-1 kill lead, and with LIDER scoring 4/0/3 KDA line. A good start for Vitality, but a game where they were unable to show their power in full—only their restraint. Meanwhile…


Fnatic vs. Msfits Gaming


  • Fnatic: Gwen, Varus, Ezreal | Tristana,
  • Misfits: Thresh, Lulu, Renekton | Senna, Leona


  • Fnatic: Rumble | Viego, Lucian | Xayah, Rakan
  • Misfits: Lee Sin, Udyr | Akali, Kai’Sa | Alistar

Although Fnatic’s compositions is more effective in team fight situations, Misfits Gaming have the edge on that front. In theory, Fnatic would be at their best skirmishing in the early-game, and building a lead that way before Misfits hit their power spike, as their lack of CC means doom.

Indeed, Fnatic followed their script for the most part as Bwipo and Nisqy secured early leads, and as Misfits were doing their best to survive through a widening gold lead—3k at 13 minutes. But Fnatic weren’t thorough when setting up for objectives, and they botched a fight after taking the Rift Herald at the 16:30 mark, leading to a 4-for-2 trade and many shutdowns.

From that point forward, both teams traded botched team fights, leading to an unclear game situation with Baron Nashor spawning at the 30-minute mark. Ultimately, Vetheo’s Akali was too much for Fnatic to handle in the game-deciding team fight. An 11/2/4 performance later, Vetheo secured the victory after 31 minutes of action.

Adel primarily covers League of Legends, with a particular emphasis on League of Legends esports competitions. He has over 10 year of experience covering the LEC and other LoL competitive events across Europe.