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A trip down memory lane

List and guide for all League of Legends maps and game modes

League of Legends isn’t solely about Summoner’s Rift: a long list of various maps and game modes have been available at some point throughout the years. 

With Summoner’s Rift being the foundation of the game, Riot Games have experimented with other 5v5 modes, special PvE modes, fast-paced special maps, and even 3v3; May Twisted Treeline rest in peace.

As of right now, Summoner’s Rift ranked and normal games are permanently available in the game alongside ARAM on Howling Abyss. Everything besides that depends on the rotating game modes which are often enabled through various in-game events. 

The Twisted Treeline once hosted a 3v3 tournament in its early days. However, like many other League of Legends maps, it was shelved.
Photo via: Riot Games

In recent years, players have been used to seeing the likes of URF and One for All, but both take place on Summoner’s Rift. While they are fun and popular game modes, they are only a small fraction of all the game modes that Riot has presented during the years. 

All League of Legends maps and game modes

At this point, several maps and game modes have retired completely from the game, leaving players who might have never even heard of them. 

We will bring you a list of the various maps and game modes. Maybe you discover something new, or just join us on a trip down memory lane. 

All League of Legends maps: 

  • Summoner’s Rift
  • Cosmic Ruins (Dark Star)
  • Crash Site (Odyssey: Extraction)
  • Crystal Scar (Dominion)
  • Substructure 43 (PROJECT: OVERCHARGE)
  • Temple of Lily and Lotus (Nexus Blitz)
  • Twisted Treeline
  • Valoran City Park (Star Guardians)
Photo via: Riot Games

All League of Legends game modes: 

  • 5v5 Normal & Ranked (Summoner’s Rift)
  • 3v3 Normal & Ranked (Twisted Treeline)
  • Dominion (Crystal Scar)
  • Ascension (Crystal Scar)
  • Black Market Brawlers (Summoner’s Rift)
  • Dark Star: Singularity (Cosmic Ruins)
  • Definitely Not Dominion (Crystal Scar)
  • Doom Bots (Summoner’s Rift)
  • Hexakill (Summoner’s Rift)
  • Hunt of the Blood Moon (Summoner’s Rift)
  • Invasion (Valoran City Park)
  • Nemesis Draft (Summoner’s Rift)
  • Nexus Blitz (Temple of Lily and Lotus)
  • Nexus Siege (Summoner’s Rift)
  • Odyssey: Extraction (Crash Site)
  • One for All (Summoner’s Rift)
  • OVERCHARGE (Substructure 43)
  • Ultra Rapid Fire (Summoner’s Rift)
  • Ultimate Spellbook (Summoner’s Rift)

Besides Summoner’s Rift and the special maps that follow patch cycles, Riot has also developed the ARAM concept and the Howling Abyss map for years. 

At this stage, Howling Abyss has several map variants and has been used for several special game modes that don’t strictly follow the “All Random All Mid” concept.

All ARAM maps: 

  • Howling Abyss
  • Butcher’s Bridge (Bilgewater Event special)
  • Magma Chamber (defunct 1v1 map)

All ARAM game modes:

  • ARAM (standard)
  • Legend of the Poro King (Howling Abyss)
  • Snowdown Showdown (Howling Abyss, 1v1)

There sheer variety of game modes is one of the things that most draws players to League of Legends and keep them invested in the game.

Summoner’s Rift

The experience most everyone thinks of when they imagine playing League of Legends is found on Summoner’s Rift. Two teams of five players match up across three lanes and a broad jungle to battle it out for experience and gold. These resources enable players to level up their champions and purchase valuable items that improve their fighting potential.

The goal is to break down the defensive turrets that protect the enemy’s base, and then to invade that base and destroy the enemy nexus. Games can be short, or they can run up to around an hour if the two teams are particularly well-matched.


Also featuring two teams of five, ARAM is a simpler and more straightforward game mode. Five players on each team march their way down a single, unified lane in this game mode. The goal is still to gain experience and gold in order to power up one’s champions, but there are far fewer strategic concerns because the single-lane mechanic is so straightforward.

Eventually, ARAM also requires players to disable enemy defensive turrets and to eventually destroy the enemy nexus.


A newer featured game mode is the Multi-Team Arena mode. This mode sees players battle it out in teams of two. Four such teams compete in a tighter playing field in this scrambling brawl.

Arena has a much different feel compared to Summoner’s Rift and ARAM, eschewing the lane mechanic entirely to create what feels almost like a different game. This mode has been a breath of fresh air for many League of Legends players, and developer Riot Games seems committed to making it work for those players.

And as the LoL universe continues to develop, Riot will likely introduce new maps or game modes in the future.