Team Liquid Valorant

Team Liquid entered the Last-Chance Qualifiers with a new addition to the roster and high hopes of making it to champs.

After stumbling hardon Haven, Liquid brought it back on Ascent, Split, and Breeze to spoil Guild’s hopes and advance to Champs at the end of the year.

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Haven: Guild 13 – Liquid 5

Guild absolutely smashed Liquid on Haven, losing only one round on the attacking half.

The Guild boys have been having a strong weekend and continued their success with a dominant win to start this best-of-five.

Ascent: Liquid 13 – Guild 10

Ascent was much more of a contest between the two squads. The defender-sided map played out that way, with Liquid breaking through on attack more times than Guild.

Although Liquid took the win, they did so with a ton of different looks they may not have wanted to show ahead of Champions.

We saw some interesting strats from Liquid on both attack and defense – things that might not work more than once. Still, a win’s a win.

Split: Liquid 13 – Guild 7

The scoreboard doesn’t tell the whole story on Split, as Liquid won a close one that felt more dominant than that.

Jamppi – the battle Astra – led the way with the help of soulcas and the rest of the team. Although Guild looked good in a few rounds, this one was all Liquid.

Breeze: Liquid 13 – Guild 7

Brothers ScreaM and Nivera led the way for Liquid as they closed the door on Guild, who really had no answer for them on attack on defense.

Guild grabbed all of the pistol rounds and a few more here and there, but nothing consistent. Liquid looked like the better team all day – apart from a rough Haven.

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