Letters From Jaxon – CS:GO’s roster mania

Dear Fnatic

How did you end up here? Not too long ago, Sweden ruled the world with the ruthless aggression you were known for. Black and orange were synonymous with blue and yellow. Borders are irrelevant for someone like me, but this new direction bugs me.

Soon, the only real Swedish team left might be Dignitas. Why would remove a player only a couple of months after signing him, and now force him to trial against seasoned veterans for his position?

My little birds tell me that the two players left are not too happy with the lack of direction. Be careful Fnatic, as you might be left without players soon.

Yours truly,


Dear Complexity

I love you all as individuals, but these results won’t be tolerated. Well, your results aren’t really that horrible, they’re average. But not worthy of the juggernaut moniker.

Are changes needed? Not too sure, maybe the new coach you are eying up will be enough to make you a contender. He has quite a reputation for building stars. But you might not have a choice, as the demand for Danish players will rise in the upcoming months.

Yours truly,


Dear Team Liquid

You have to decide what you want for the future. Until a new competitor falls out of the Clouds, this will be the strongest team North America has to offer. It will net you some local trophies, as the real opponents won’t cross the Atlantic until the virus is gone.

But didn’t it feel good to lift that trophy in Cologne? It could still happen in the future, but you might have to gamble on some junior players.

Yours truly,


Dear Ninjas In Pyjamas

You don’t really belong on this list. It’s only been a couple of weeks since your last roster move, your players still need to get used to playing with each other.

But, you see, that’s the problem. Just make up your damn mind, my dear NIP. This entire “add a fifth player from the academy, just to swap him for another after a while, just to repeat it again and again”, won’t work.

You’re wasting the last few years Device has left in his prime. Just sign a fifth player, but really sign one. I hear another Astralis player only has a few months left on his contract? Maybe look into that.

Yours truly,

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