Reddit had to look into Cloud9 Fudge's Twitter antics, didn't it?
Credit: Colin Young-Wolff/Riot Games via ESPAT

Well then...

Let’s talk about Fudge: LCS Summer Week 4 Reddit Reactions

The LCS finally returned last weekend and produced the kind of blockbuster experience that had everyone on reddit pining for it during the long break. One of Week 4’s highlights was Danny’s performance in the EG vs Team Liquid game:

“Danny diff”

Yep, a bit of a Lord Danny diff going on.

Of course, you’ve got to do a bit of dunking on the opposition to balance things on Reddit.

Paper tiger… oof.

…and poor Hans Sama bore the brunt of it.

Reddit investigates: Fudge’s Twitter interests

Over in the TSM vs Cloud9 thread, pretty much everything was focused on the top laners.

…and so we did end up going to Twitter. We’ll leave you to your own conclusions, but we’ll be fair about it by providing Fudge’s defense of himself.

As we said, the conclusions are yours to arrive at. On another front, Jensen’s performance for Cloud9 came under the scanner.

Verdict: Jensen was “kinda sus”

But that didn’t overshadow this extremely stinging review of Cloud9’s other game last weekend against Immortals.