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Scary, stupid, fun

Lethal Company: All you need to know about the comedy-horror hit

Lethal Company is one of 2023’s surprise hit multiplayer games, and it’s only getting bigger. 

Lethal Company is a dark comedy-horror game developed by Zeekerss, creator of other popular horror games such as It Steals and Dead Seater. Horror games and multiplayer have always been a recipe for streaming shenanigans, as seen with games like Phasmophobia. This is yet another example of this formula working.

As for the “comedy-horror” aspect, it’s because the game is a lot more blatant with its tongue-in-cheek tone compared to its horror contemporaries. The darkness lurking behind every objective is smeared over with a friendly facade, which makes the juxtaposition of players experiencing unspeakable horrors even more hilarious.

What is Lethal Company?

Lethal Company is a four-player co-op horror game that puts players in the role of contracted workers tasked to collect as much scrap as possible from alien moons while being chased by monsters.

Much like Among Us and Phasmophobia, this title is defined by its social aspect. Playing with a squad of friends is the best way to experience the game’s best qualities.

At its core, the game is similar to wacky “simulator” games, particularly Viscera Cleanup Detail. Teams are tasked with effectively doing chores, but the setting and potential for wackiness carries the game forward.

Is Lethal Company in Early Access?

Lethal Company is in early access. The game is still fully playable right now, and available for sale.

The game that exists now is plenty of fun, but the developer states that it still has several ideas it wants to work into future patches. They also will be tuning up some mechanics and the game’s variable difficulty. There are only seven planets, nine creatures, and eight tools in Lethal Company, but this number will likely increase in the future.

Is Lethal Company free to play?

No, Lethal Company is not free-to-play, costing $9.99 on Steam.

The developer stated it has no plans to raise the price even when the game leaves early access. While it’s not free to play, it’s quite easy to get enough enjoyment out of the game to warrant the price tag. The caveat is that the game is at its best when playing with friends, and each person will have to buy their own copy.

What are the best tools for Lethal Company?

Flashlights are a must-have for any role in Lethal Company.

While there are some fringe cases where not having any items at all is the best loadout, flashlights are a necessity for scavenging materials in abandoned wastes. The Zap Gun and Shovel are also good investments if the planet has a lot of hostile creatures.

Still, the nature of the game means it’s entirely up to the players how they want to kit themselves out for each expedition. There are also situations where teams are best suited having players carrying different items. Flashlights are the closest the game has to a one-size-fits-all item.

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