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LEGO Fortnite skins: Which are available and how to get them

Not every Fortnite skin is usable in LEGO Fortnite, but some major collaboration-related skins have received playable LEGO variants, and another one is next in line.

Fortnite’s LEGO mode was released recently, and its success led to the game hitting incredibly high player counts. However, multiple skins available in the other modes haven’t received LEGO variants yet and aren’t usable in LEGO mode as a result. LEGO versions of skins are being added and a data miner has confirmed that another major collaboration is confirmed to be getting LEGO-style skins at launch.

In addition to revealing the appearance of these variants, it was also revealed when these skins will be hitting the in-game Fortnite store. Information on how the collaboration skins carry over has also been revealed, and many fans think it’s the best-case scenario.

Which Fortnite skins are available in LEGO Fortnite?

There are hundreds of different skins available in LEGO Fortnite and that number is set to grow into the thousands.

Epic Games has stated that it intends to make every original Fortnite skin available in the game. LEGO Fortnite launched with over 1,200 of these already in the game, so the company has a lot of work ahead in terms of making all of them available.

Fortnite’s most recognizable original characters already have LEGO skins including Peely, Fish Sticks, and the Cuddle Team Leader are already in the game. Many others are also available and the company continues to trickle them in over time.

Which collaboration skins are in LEGO Fortnite?

Multiple skins based on Marvel and Star Wars characters have given LEGO variants that are now usable in LEGO Fortnite. And according to data mines, the upcoming TMNT collaboration skins, some original skins, and the free Winterfest 2023 skins will all have LEGO variants upon launch.

When the LEGO Fortnite game mode initially came out, skins from the Marvel and Star Wars collaborations were not playable in the game mode despite there being full-blown LEGO games based on these IPs. That’s set to change. Iconic characters such as Captain America, Spider-Man, Ghost Rider, Luke Skywalker, Princess Leia, and Boba Fett are all coming to Fortnite in LEGO form.

The upcoming Dragon Ball collaboration skins will not have LEGO variants any time soon. It’s unclear why, though explanations could include anything from the general age ratings for the subjects or whether there is existing real-life LEGO merchandise for the IP. Either of these could explain why other popular collaboration skins, like the Doom Slayer from the DOOM and Chun-Li from Street Fighter aren’t getting LEGO variants in Fortnite.

Another bit of good news for fans is that the LEGO collaboration is set to bring limited-edition skins from the past back to the game’s shop. According to leaker FNLeaksAndInfo, Star Wars skins will be returning to the in-game store on December 21, 2023 alongside the MrBeast skin. Marvel skins will be available to purchase from January 12, 2024.

Do I need to re-buy my skins for LEGO Fortnite?

Players receive the LEGO versions of Fortnite skins they already own for free. There is no need to re-purchase the skins.

This is welcome news for Fortnite players, particularly longtime fans who have large collections of skins. Though Epic Games still asks fans for a large sum for certain skins, this is still quite generous from the company. Other games like League of Legends: Wild Rift have no cross-progress with League of Legends. This means that veteran players who have champions and skins unlocked still need to start the game completely fresh, and need to re-purchase things they effectively already own.

While LEGO Fortnite is a part of Fortnite, Epic Games still could have done another run of skins and likely raked in sales as a result. The decision to let fans fully enjoy skins they’ve purchased has garnered praise from fans.

How do I get skins in LEGO Fortnite?

Players get LEGO Fortnite skins in the same way they get any other Fortnite skin; by purchasing them or unlocking them.

Owning a Fortnite skin automatically makes that skin available in LEGO Fortnite, if it’s available. If a LEGO version of a skin isn’t appearing in the game, it’s likely because the skin isn’t yet available. Epic intends to recreate all its original skins in LEGO form over time but there’s no timetable for when the company will be done.

LEGO versions of collab-based skins will likely be added on a case-by-case basis. Though some like Star Wars and Batman are in the game, it’s unclear whether skins based on celebrities or characters from rated-R media will get the same treatment.

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