Credit: Lance Skundrich/Riot Games

Legendary: Faker scores 2500th kill in LCK, breaks milestone as T1 beats Gen.G 2-0

Lee “Faker” Sang-hyeok has immortalized himself in League of Legends history as he scored his 2500th kill in the LCK—the first to reach the milestone.

How fitting that he broke the milestone: since Season 3, his name was synonymous with League of Legends excellence. He is the first name that comes to many LoL fans’ minds when they are asked “who is the greatest of all time?”

Years of experiencing the greatest successes, three Worlds victories, and heartbreaks have led to this moment.

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The symbolism should not escape anyone: he traded 1-for-1 Chovy, who many considered as the best mid laner in the world in the last two years, or at least in the Top 3 alongside Showmaker.

In a way, there was no passing of the torch: Faker’s forever team, SK Telecom T1, won the series 2-0. Although the first game was straightforward, the second game took heroics from young top laner Zeus to win.

Why would there need to be such a torch-passing? After all, Faker and T1 are having one of their best seasons to date—possibly second-best to SK Telecom T1’s undefeated rampage in the 2014 OnGameNet Champions Winter tournament.

It goes to show: 2014 or 2021, T1 and Faker are in the minds of League of Legends fans looking for the best level of play.

If that doesn’t say anything about how legendary Faker’s career is, nothing will.