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LEC Week 7 – The choke of the century & the fall of the Lion King

The fall of King Mufasa

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With only a 2.73% chance left, MAD Lions are likely to miss out on the playoffs.

Yup, the number of scenarios is really low, and - let’s be honest here - this split they were nowhere near close to their championship form.

With new players and a new identity, the team will look to make a comeback in Summer. Rome wasn’t built in a day.

How do they make it? Well, not only do they have to win all of their games, including VIT, AST & BDS, but also they have to rely on Vitality losing all of their games. Complicated but not impossible.

In the end, everything can be in Astralis’ hands as they will be the last opponent of Vitality.

The team that got eliminated first holds the fate of so many teams in the league. Quite poetic.

The Choke of the century award goes to G2 Esports!

Source: lolesports

This is quite an achievement so we have to talk about it.

G2 Esports were leading Misfits Gaming with 13,500 gold and somewhere, the gods of League decided that they shall not win this game.

Seriously, I have no idea how they lost and still can’t believe it.

What does this game mean for the rest of the split? Certainly, Misfits got a confidence boost and a winning mentality.

One thought will always be in the back of their minds in the “unwinnable” scenarios: “We can win this, just like we did against G2.”

As for G2, well, this could bring a small portion of insecurity. It's only one game that’s likely already forgotten, but their players could get flashbacks of this performance when ahead in the result.

Something like G2 in 2019 but the other way around.

There will be a lot of expectations on G2 as the superweek is just around the corner. The team is fighting for a Top 4 finish with their opponents being – Vitality, XL & RGE for this week.

In case of poor performance, the team is in big danger of missing out on the Top 4 - something that never happened in their history.

No more miracle runs! The dream is dead with only 3% chance of a revival


SK Gaming were on the rise but their hopes took a hit last week.

The team got crushed by the ‘’nothing to lose’’ Astralis, who were already out of playoffs contention. The loss has heavily decreased SK’s chances of making the playoffs.

3% is all that remains for SK Gaming and their chances of making the playoffs. To be more precise: out of 32768 scenarios, SK makes the playoffs in only 1024.

With the superweek coming, the team will have to win all of their games and still rely on other teams to win.

Either Vitality or XL will have to lose all of their remaining games so SK can qualify. The good news is that SK will play directly against XL, who also have to face not just anyone but Fnatic & G2.

The bad news? Well, SK will have to beat Rogue & Misfits as well.

Rogue’s predictability – A worrying trend for playoffs


Teams are starting to figure out Rogue’s playstyle, which could hurt them in the playoffs. It’s not like it didn’t happen before but history is likely to be repeated.

Rogue have always been a team that is good in the bo1’s but then struggles in the bo5’s. Despite the fact that they reached finals in Spring 2021, the team fell in the same trap for Summer 2021 and the story seems to be getting a sequel.

The team is yet to be dethroned from first place in the LEC. However, their recent games suggest keeping the form, rather than improving it. Maybe they are saving the hidden guns for playoffs, who knows?

Consistency is important but teams that experiment will be better in the long run. A perfect example of that is XL, who took it to the next level with their drafts, allowing more opportunities for playoffs (if they make it since Caedrel signed with them again).