Credit: Michal Konkol/Riot Games

LEC Superweek odds: Fnatic vs. G2 in lower bracket? Wacky scenarios and where to find them

Once upon a time (2013 summer split, actually), a four-way tie led to the show ending around 3 a.m. CET. No doubt, neither Sjokz and Quickshot would like to forget that day and purge it from their memory.

What they might remember is how intense the stakes became as unlikely outcomes piled up and created a crazy scenario.

Although the LEC rulebook has since improved to guarantee that we would watch less ties unfold, it won’t stop heart rates from going haywire among fans. The following are but a few of many heartrate-raising ones:

Kings and legacies, behold!

  • G2 Esports win all their games
  • Fnatic loses all their games
  • Misits can win at most two games, one of them must be against Fnatic
  • Rogue loses all their games

If Misfits lose any games after their victory against Fnatic, G2 and Rogue would be the only ones involved in a tie. Because G2’s record in the second half of the split would be higher than Rogue’s, they would take first place.

If Misfits win more than once instead, Misfits take first place in all likeliness, and G2 takes second place.