Credit: Riot Games

The LEC has announced through a press release that players will be returning to the stage starting Week 5 on July 9. The first, third and last game of each day will take place at the studio.

The arrangement allows them to host the production crew and two teams at all times. As a result, it will resemble what the LEC team did in the spring playoffs, when two teams took to the stage daily.

As players return to the stage, they are set to accustom themselves to an environment that has since become foreign; other than the playoff games and the Mid-Season Invitational for MAD Lions, other games have taken place online. The measure will also allow player photos on stage to become available over time.

As local regulations in Berlin ease, the LEC’s League Governance Council—including representatives of all 10 teams—voted in favor of returning to the stage. Teams will play a roughly equal amount of games on stage.

However, the audience will not be returning yet as the COVID-19 situation is not fully in control, and as vaccinations are still rolling out.

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