Fortnite Klombos

The v19.10 patch is only the first major patch of the season and it’s already a banger. 

Not only did the patch bring Tilted Towers back in time for its four-year anniversary, but it added a new animal to interact with, tame, and ride.

What’s even more exciting than all of this is what’s to come. Data miners have already found details about what Chapter 3 Season 1 will hold – even grabbing some clips in Creative with upcoming items.

Epic Games

Pizza & Machine Pistol

The first two items that will likely come to Fortnite are Pizza and the Machine Pistol.

The latter has been rumored since Chapter 2 Season 4, when Mystique was holding it in a loading screen.

At the time, most fans assumed it would be her personal mythic weapon.

We still haven’t seen Machine Pistols. According to Hypex, though, they’re right around the corner.

Along with the Machine Pistol, a new Pizza item was added to Creative Mode. This looks to be another in a long line of healing items in Chapter 3 Season 1.

More upcoming weapons

We should also see the return of the LMG, Thermal Scoped AR, and Heavy Shotgun relatively soon.

The former two might be a bit further off, but we saw the Heavy Shotgun featured in the Chapter 3 Season 1 trailer – suggesting it will be in the game this season.

Unlike the previous version, the new Heavy Shotgun will be more like a mid-range slug rifle. It will only hold one shot and will have a five-second reload time.

The stats don’t make it look too promising right now, but we may see some tweaks before its release later in the season.

Outside of seasonal events, v19.10 has been the biggest mid-season patch in recent memory.

Fortnite is returning to form in more ways than one this season. We’re getting something new every week and seem to be getting a major update ever 2-3 weeks.

It’s a good time to be a Fortnite player.

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