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Is it coming?

Leak: Valve might be testing CSGO Source 2 port

Valve might finally be porting CSGO to Source 2, according to a leak posted on social media. Several developers behind the game were caught working on maps with names alluding to Source 2.

According to a post by Twitter user AqualsMissing, CSGO developers have been working on six maps over several months: Shoot, Italy, Inferno, Lake, Overpass, and Shortdust.

He spotted that the CSGO maps were given Source 2 names, as they ended with S2.

But before you get too excited, this leak does not mean Source 2 will be coming to the game soon.

Worst case scenario, the developers knew that their projects might be tracked, and changed the names to bait the community. Best case, they’re just experimenting with the new engine, as most of the maps being worked on are older, inactive maps.

Only Overpass and Inferno are part of the current active duty pool.

Source 2 CSGO
Image: Valve

Will there be Source 2 CSGO?

Thus far, there has been no confirmation whether CSGO will ever be ported to Source 2.

CSGO has been rumored to be ported ever since Valve’s new game engine came out. With leakers regularly finding developers working on Source 2-related projects in the game.

Valve’s other brainchild, Dota 2, was fully ported to Source 2 back in 2015. Games like Artifact, Half-Life: Alyx, and Dota Underlords were developed in the new engine.

When was Source code leaked?

In early 2020, a leaked string of Source code started circulating on the internet. It wasn’t the first time that Source code become public, but it caused a small panic, with a Team Fortress II modding project temporarily shutting down.

Valve was quick to address the leak, as they said that the team had reviewed the code and found it was part of a 2017 partner release.

As the code was dated at the time and had been circulating since 2018, they deemed it not a threat to the security of CSGO and its players.

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