Warzone is one of the Big Three battle royale games at the moment. Fortnite, Apex Legends, and Warzone have kicked PUBG out of the conversation, altogether.

While Apex and Fortnite continue to update their free-to-play games, Warzone is planning the very Call of Duty move of making a sequel and splitting their player base.

Warzone 2 is slated for release this year, which will likely correspond with the new, mainline, Call of Duty game.

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Warzone 2 leaks

Several leaks have already come out about the new Warzone game, with the biggest ones covered by NerosCinema.

According to these reports, Warzone 2 will be a mixture of Blackout and Warzone.

Loadouts will still be a thing, but the game will be a bit more hardcore than Warzone. For instance, you won’t spawn with shield. You’ll need to find a satchel to equip shield plates.

You’ll also need to loot a backpack to increase your carry capacity, just like Blackout, Apex, and PUBG. 

Will it be fun?

Departing from the wildly successful Warzone format is a risk, but a necessary one if Activision wants to justify releasing a sequel.

These changes also ensure that the original Warzone player base will stay alive, as some players won’t like the new game.

Some people still play Blackout to this day, so there’s a market for a more hardcore CoD battle royale.

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With Warzone being free to play, we can only assume Warzone 2 will follow suit. The issue with Warzone is that, if you don’t have the latest Call of Duty title, you’re almost always at a disadvantage.

Warzone 2 will compound this issue by, likely, removing the weapons from previous CoD titles and forcing players to buy the new ones.

Regardless of the annoying business practices, Warzone 2 looks to be an interesting mix between the two CoD BR titles.

I’m optimistically skeptical as to whether or not the boys can pull this one off. Only time will tell.

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