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F for Flash

All Summoner Spells in League of Legends and what they do

Summoner Spells are the two spells that you can always pick in a game no matter which champion you play, and League of Legends is balanced around their existence. 

All players have two Summoner Spells that they pick in the champion selection screen before a match. It’s possible to choose between 10 different Summoner Spells, except for ARAM, where you will have two extra options in “Mark” and “Clarity.”

A Summoner Spell usually has a longer cooldown than usual champion spells and should be used carefully. Some Summoner Spells are widespread and have been for a while.

Flash is the most popular among them as almost all champions and roles use it, and Smite is also mandatory for the jungle role. Other Summoner Spells are more situational and fade in and out of play.

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What are the various Summoner Spells in League of Legends?

In 2022, the selection of Summoner Spells in League of Legends is pretty easy to wrap your head around. In the early seasons, there were a lot of Summoner Spells; some have been removed since

After 12 seasons, Riot Games has found a solid spot for Summoner Spell balance. Some were harder to balance than others, but with the recent adjustments to Teleport, everything seems to be in a good spot. 

The following Summoner Spell descriptions will include each spell’s base cooldown. Note that there are specific ways to reduce Summoner Spell cooldowns: the Cosmic Insight rune and Ionian Boots of Lucidity.

Summoner Spell cooldowns are also affected on Howling Abyss (ARAM), but those cooldowns and the ARAM-only spells won’t be included in the following overview.


Flash “blinks” your champion towards the target location. Flash is the most common Summoner Spell in the game and has been so since the game’s origin. Only a few champions don’t use Flash regularly.

Range: 400 

Cooldown: 300 seconds


Ghost increases your champion’s movement speed for 10 seconds, and the duration increases when getting a takedown against an enemy champion. Ghost also makes your champion ignore unit collision, allowing the champion to go through minions.

Range: Selfcast

Cooldown: 210 seconds

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Heal your champion and the allied champion nearest to your mouse cursor within the spell’s range. Heal also grants bonus movement speed for a short duration. 

Range: 850

Cooldown: 240 seconds


Barrier grants a temporary shield for two seconds—the Barrier shield scales based on level. Great for stationary mages or vulnerable marksmen in some situations if dealing with heavy burst damage, but not as useful overall as Heal.

Range: Selfcast

Cooldown: 180 seconds


Exhaust can only be used on an enemy champion, slowing it and reducing the damage it deals for three seconds. Does not reduce True Damage.

Range: 650

Cooldown: 210 seconds

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Teleport directly to an allied turret, minion, or ward. For the first 14 minutes, you can only teleport to turrets. After 14 minutes, Teleport turns into Unleashed Teleport, which allows you to teleport on top of minions and wards. Unleashed Teleport also grants a movement speed buff. 

Range: Global

Cooldown: 360 seconds


Cleanse removes all disables and Summoner Spell debuffs from your champion, including Exhaust and Ignite’s damage-over-time component. Exceptions are: Airborne, Nearsighted, and Suppressed effects. Cleanse also grants extra Tenacity (65%) for three seconds. 

Range: Selfcast

Cooldown: 210 seconds

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Burns a targeted enemy champion for five seconds. Ignite reveals the target, inflicts Grievous Wounds (denying quite a bit of healing), and deals true damage over time on the target. 

Range: 600

Cooldown: 180 seconds


Smite deals true damage to a targeted medium or large monster. Smite can also target enemy minions or champion pets. When Smiting a monster, it will heal you as well. Smite can turn into either Challenging Smite or Chilling Smite. 

Challenging Smite can affect enemy champions to mark them for a duration. When marked, the target’s damage dealt to you is reduced, and it empowers your basic attacks and abilities against them. 

Chilling Smite can be used against an enemy champion, dealing true damage and slowing the target. Chilling Smite also grants bonus movement speed when cast on an enemy champion.

This Summoner Spell is exclusive to Summoner’s Rift, so you won’t see it on ARAM (Howling Abyss) unless you play Zoe.

Range: 500

Cooldown: 15 seconds (90 seconds recharge)

It’s extremely rare that Riot adds new Summoner Spells or removes existing ones, so don’t expect these to change anytime soon.

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