This Star Guardian Ahri medallion tattoo might give quite a few ideas to onlookers.
Credit: Riot Games


League of Legends player gets kickass Star Guardian emblem sleeve tattoo

Star Guardians are all the rave lately, new League of Legends skins and all. As if that was not enough, one player took it up a notch and joined the Star Guardians themselves with a sleeve tattoo.

And by that, we mean that they borrowed Ahri’s medallion.

Unlike many disastrous tattoos, this one looks quite sick: from the lineart to the shading, the artist did justice to this one. That, and it will age well.

Unlike this…

Granted, the tattoo won’t quite reach the insanity that Martin “Rekkles” Larsson unleashed months ago, but it is as memorable as BrTT’s Draven axes.

For those who can’t afford a Star Guardian tattoo of this quality but wish to have some quality memorabilia nonetheless, the in-game event is still ongoing, Be sure to finish it before Aug. 24!

And we aren’t talking about prints and whatever Etsy might have in store.

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