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LDLC OL vs. BDS Academy: LFL spring’s top two clash on summer opener

The grand winners of the LFL’s spring split, LDLC OL, are back in Summoner’s Rift to defend their crown in the summer season of France’s premier League of Legends tournament. First up: they will play a rematch of the LFL spring finals as they face BDS Academy. A few things have changed, so did the matchup.

LDLC OL will leave nothing to chance

LDLC OL are an impressive team, capable of holding their own under duress and even replicating their success over a sustained duration. Otherwise, they would not have maintained their impressive form for so long.

Indeed, they finished the spring season at the top of the standings with a 13-5 record, then went on to win the spring split. In the European Masters, they went all the way to the final, where they eventually lost to LFL counterparts Karmine Corp.

In the regular season, LDLC OL’s mid and bot laner, Eika and Exakick, carried them to great heights. Eika averaged 4.89 kills and 6.11 assists, which equated to a kill participation rate of 11 per map. Over in the bot lane, Exakick’s kill numbers were better as he produced five (5) per map along with 5.44 assists.

BDS Academy adapt to changes

BDS Academy have had some changes in their roster, including the departure of their Portuguese mid laner Xico to KOI. In his stead comes former MAD Lions’ LEC mid laner, Reeker. Although individually comparable, he needs to build synergy with his teammates.

And he needs to do it fast: with Xico, BDS Academy finished the regular season of LFL’s spring season with a 12-6 record, and that included four straight wins as the season winded down.

However, there won’t be five straight wins in the regular season: one of the best teams in the European Regional Leagues circuit, LDLC OL, stands in their way. This should be a routine win inside 30 minutes for the defending champs.

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