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Lazy scriptwriting: LEC & LCS are one and the same

Do you know when we talk about the LEC being scripted as things happen the same way that they are supposed to? Now, we can confirm that the LCS and the LEC are working together in a way. There is probably someone up there that is writing the script and laughing at whoever expects something different.

The stories are too similar for it to be a mere coincidence. 

G2 Esports and Evil Geniuses have won the LEC through a lower-bracket miracle run. Before that, they lost their opening bo5 series, then stomped their opponents and made history. 

Indeed, they did not drop a single game, if we ignore how EG dropped a game against FLY—but let’s not mention that since the story is better that way. 

Looking at the superteams in both regions, It’s funny how they both followed the exact same destiny, as if cut from the same cloth. Fnatic and Team Liquid both started their playoff journeys with a win against— guess who? —eventual winners G2 and EG. 

People were already placing both superteams in the finals of their leagues, but a big plot twist happened when both teams were reverse swept in the winner bracket finals, then got 3-0’ed by the eventual champions. That’s some swift revenge. 

Those first-round wins must have activated some hidden powers in the teams that they beat. It’s like an anime Top 10 comeback story: you can’t even script it. 

With their Spring split success, G2 Esports & Evil Geniuses will be attending the Mid-Season Invitational and the excitement is sky-high because both teams have succeeded with homegrown talent. 

Hopefully, organizations will realize that money isn’t everything. EG invested in Jojopyun & Danny, two rookies with a lot to prove on the big stage, and I will leave it to you to decide if it was worth it. 

As for G2, they decided to move away from the superteam by signing a rookie (Flakked) and an inexperienced player (Targamas) as their bot lane duo. Once again, #worth or not, you decide.

Also, superteams. Just. Don’t. Work. This is reality, and you must face it. 

It’s way better to have players on the same page rather than five world-class players who cannot work together due to ego issues, due to their unwillingness to sacrifice something from their gameplay, or due to incompatibility. 

As the article nears its end, I realized—my bad!—that I forgot to mention Team Vitality in the superteams. Nah, I am kidding. If this is a superteam, EU will win Worlds. Did it even happen before? We don’t count Phreak’s basement (season 1) here.

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