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Several controversial champions

September 13 free champion rotation includes Yasuo, Master Yi, and more

  • A new free-to-play champion rotation is out in LoL
  • Including Yasuo, Master Yi, and much more
  • 13 skins are also on sale for this week

League of Legends is making a weekly rotation to the free-to-play champions and launching new skin sales in the shop, and it is the case once again on Sep. 13, 2022. For this week, the free champion rotation seems pretty controversial. 

For a game with more than 160 champions and god knows how many skins, it’s important that a free champion rotation and exclusive sales are consistently available. Riot Games handle this by rotating 15 free-to-play champions every week. Meanwhile, they also dish out deals every week where players can catch skins on sale. 

As of September 13, 16 new champions entered the free-to-play rotation. This week’s rotation includes some fan favorites that will undoubtedly be tried out by newer players. The most notable example is Yasuo, who is known as a champion people either love to play or absolutely hate to play against. Sometimes even both.

Yasuo is part of the Sep. 13, 2022 weekly free champion rotation in League of Legends.
Photo via: Riot Games

All free League of Legends champions from September 13

  • Aurelion Sol
  • Cassiopeia
  • Darius
  • Ezreal
  • Galio
  • Gnar
  • Kayn
  • Kindred
  • Lux
  • Malphite
  • Master Yi
  • Taliyah
  • Twisted Fate
  • Viktor
  • Yasuo
  • Yorick

Let’s stay with Yasuo for a bit, as he could be the one that most people will pick up during this rotation. Yasuo is one of the biggest playmakers in the game, something that makes up for entertaining gameplay but also challenges when trying to master him. 

For new players, they might be surprised how hard Yasuo can be to play but also how rewarding he is when you get the hang of him. He is currently viable in top, mid, and bot lane, so there are plenty of opportunities to try him around the map. 

While all champions rotate in the free-to-play pool, Yasuo is one where Riot might hold their breath for the week that he is available. It’s well-known that Yasuo is a champion that can cause a lot of frustration in a game and that might spike in the upcoming week (not to speak about 0/20 power spikes). With that said, you should enjoy him as long as he is free.

Slither in style to top, mid and bot lane with Cassiopeia as she is available in Sep. 13-19's free LoL champion rotation.
Photo via: Riot Games

If you’re not ready to pick the Unforgiven quite yet, there are other great opportunities for playmaking in this rotation. Both Malphite and Gnar have the ability to impact team fights heavily while Taliyah and Twisted Fate are great roaming options for the mid-lane. 

As for the most viable in the current meta, Cassiopeia is the one rocking the highest win rates. She is currently winning 53.65% of all games in the top lane in Platinum ranks and above. If you are in the lower ranks, then Master Yi is always a solid choice. 

Photo via: Riot Games

The hottest skin sale deals in League of Legends from September 13

  • Lunar Eclipse Aatrox (27% discount)
  • Solar Eclipse Sivir (25% discount)
  • Old God Warwick (35% discount)
  • Arcana Lucian (25% discount)
  • Battle Queen Rell (30% discount)
  • Elderwood Azir (35% discount)
  • Cosmic Destiny Nami (40% discount)
  • Elderwood Ahri (50% discount)
  • Divine Sword Irelia (50% discount)
  • Pool Party Zoe (45% discount)
  • Pulsefire Riven (35% discount)
  • Program Lissandra (55% discount)
  • Tango Evelynn (25% discount)

As for the LoL skin sales this week (Sep. 13-19), you will be able to grab some good deals if you are looking for a new in-game cosmetic. 

The absolute best deal can be made on Program Lissandra, which is at a 55% discount. It’s an older skin from 2016 but still holds some incredible effects and an overall fitting theme to Lissandra. 

Some newer skins are also on sale, such as Arcana Lucian, Lunar Eclipse Aatrox, and Solar Eclipse Sivir. While these aren’t as cheap as some of the others, they will guarantee you a champion skin that is completely up to date and almost “fresh out of the oven” from the Riot design team. 

Take advantage of the free-to-play LoL champions and skin sales soon, as everything will rotate once again next week.

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