Valorant Masters teams

Last chance for finals: Valorant Masters Day 6 live results

Today, we learn the Valorant Masters 2 finals matchup as NUTURN await the winner of FNATIC vs Liquid. Let’s get into it.


FNATIC is warm from the matchup with Liquid, but NUTURN has had a bit more time to prepare. Let’s see who moves on to face Sentinels in the Grand Finals.

NUTURN continued their game-one losing streak, but that doesn’t mean they’re out of it yet. They had some good moments in the first match, but it seems like these LAN reams have figured them out.

In almost all rounds. NUTURN seems to only push once they have information. When the other team denies them, they get held up and need to wait until the last moment. FNATIC takes Bind.

NUTURN felt the heat on Ascent. They took an early lead and looked to put FNATIC away. Being one of the best teams in the world, FNATIC wouldn’t be put away so easily.

The EU challengers mounted a massive comeback on attack, bringing it within three rounds. In the end, the early lead was too much to overcome and NUTURN took the map 13-8.

LB Semi-Finals: Liquid vs. FNATIC

Liquid and FNATIC renew their EU rivalry as they battle for a chance to compete in the lower bracket semi-finals.

FNATIC took an early lead on Bind and looked to control the game. Liquid adjusted and brought it back with some massive plays, but it wasn’t enough, as the EU runner-ups take Bind 12-10 and move onto map 2.

Bind was close but it felt like FNATIC was in control the whole time. Ascent was a different story. 

FNATIC took the map in the end, but the back-and-forth game showed that Liquid deserved to be in the top four. FNATIC now moves on to immediately face NUTURN.

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