Credit: Riot Games

A rough start

K’Sante continues to sit at a terrible win rate on his second patch since release

Since his release on League of Legends Patch 12.21, K’Sante has been struggling to find a foothold in solo queue as his win rates continue to be terrible.

By the end of Patch 12.21, K’Sante was sitting at one of the worst win rates in the game, with 45.84% in Platinum ranks and higher. Now that Patch 12.22 is live, some would think that his win rates would change, but so far, it doesn’t seem like it. 

Despite the terrible win rates on his first patch, Riot decided not to buff him on Patch 12.22. Some bugs were fixed, but it doesn’t seem to have an impact. 

People are still learning K’Sante, but for how long?

It’s not the first time a brand-new champion has seen terrible win rates. It happened plenty of times before and often has to do with players needing to learn the ways of a new champion. 

It might be the same for K’Sante, but only to some extent. After a couple of weeks in the game and many games played, players should get a grasp of him now. Despite that, his win rate isn’t improving, which is a concerning sign. 

Everything indicates that K’Sante is weak and won’t jump in win rates before he gets a buff. While it’s dangerous to buff a new champion, 45-46% win rates are just too low, even for a champion that can play in both mid and top.

It’s unknown if there’s room in Riot’s plans to buff K’Sante, as the preseason is currently taking the spotlight. All the general changes are drowning our newest champion arrival, and maybe that won’t change until the professional scene boots up again. 

Until K’Sante is tested by the professionals and potentially played on a big stage, we won’t know for sure what he is capable of. Who knows, maybe we just haven’t figured out his strength yet.