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Krimz speaks on Brollan’s departure “Kind of sad actually, but understandable as well”

Ahead of the ESL Pro League playoffs, Krimz and other members of Fnatic sat down to discuss the team's recent form and roster changes.

Departure of Brollan

Earlier in 2022, NIP lined up a bid on the Fnatic star Brollan, and it was recently revealed in the PGL Major lineups that he had accepted their offer and left the roster. This change left Fnatic in a weird spot as they didn't have a full roster and were without their star player. Krimz had this to say on his departure.

Krimz: "[Brollan's departure is] kind of sad actually, but understandable as well. I don't think he like really felt comfortable going international. I don't think he was down with it 100%. It is like his old friends in NIP with hampus and so on. So I understand this decision, and as I said, we're friends with him. So I respect his decision.

Brollan and Krimz have played together since October of 2018

Problems with Covid-19

Covid has hit multiple Counter-Strike teams hard recently, with some teams being forced to use a stand-in in the grand finals of certain events. Fnatic is a team who have had multiple stand-ins due to different players testing positive and also their roster changes. Mezii had this to say about the ongoing situation.

Mezii: "I think recently it's been also hard with like COVID problems and so on. But I think with all the other external factors, as you said, we've had transfers and very different rosters. Of course, it's hard for us because I think every player in CS just wants a stable roster, but I think it's out of our hands, and I think we're just trying to do the best we can with what we have and our main focus is what we can do in the server and get the best results we can and after that, just focus on trying to get a stable roster, and if we can perfect, but I think obviously it's a rough period at the moment, but we just try and do the best we can

Going into the playoffs, fnatic will face off against Ence in the first round, where they will look to continue their theme of "having a lot of fun and just trying to get the best results we can" against Ence and any other team they may encounter in the tournament.