Credit: Timo Verdeil

King of the North!

King of the North! Rekkles reveals mindblowing full-back tattoo

Martin “Rekkles” Larsson might be gone from the LEC for the time being, but it wasn’t the last we would hear of him: after electrifying a crowd with a Pentakill, the man himself showcases what easily is the most impressive tattoo in the League of Legends scene.

Seriously, look at this!

Although we cannot be sure of what those faces represent, we would challenge anyone in the competitive LoL scene to surpass that tattoo.

Yes, we are looking at you, BrTT and Attila—especially Attila.

On that note: what’s up with AD carries and crazy tattoos? Is that a prerequisite for all aspiring pro AD carries, or every AD carry on Earth? Are all AD mains bound to get tatted?