Killing Astra and making Brimstone meta ruins Controllers (and solo queue)

Yes, the only agents people should enjoy playing are Duelists and Chamber. Anything else fun must be unplayable.

Such is the life of a VALORANT player.

Controllers finally had two fun agents where they could display their skill, do some cool sh*t and feel impactful. Viper and Astra might have been a little overtuned – alright, a lot overtuned – but they didn’t need their kneecaps smashed to bits.


Have you ever been excited to play with, against or as Brimstone?

Don’t bother. If you’re going to be a hipster and say yes, I’m going to ignore you. He’s got less satisfying smokes than Astra, the stim beacon to ruin your teammates spray control and a cool voice line generator.


Astra requires you to play a whole new game, controlling the battlefield from afar and completely changing the way the game works. She was incredibly powerful, and did need some tuning – but you can’t just nerf every single part of her kit and then buff one of the others.

Like it or not, not every Astra player wants to play Brimstone. He’s a boring, cookie-cutter design with a kit to match.

He doesn’t make you feel like Astra does. When you pull off a cool Astra play, or execute a fake from the other side of the map, you feel like some sort of demi-god.

When you pull off a cool Brimstone play, you think “if this wasn’t an iPad I could have done that on Counter-Strike”. Except maybe the orbital strike thing. I’ll admit that’s *kinda* cool.

Ooh a gritty American commander? How daring.

Yes, Brimstone is better than Astra now. But I – and I suspect most Controller players – would never want to play Brimstone over Astra.

He’s just fundamentally less interesting. Astra is one of the most unique experiences in any FPS and not seeing her in pro play would be sad, and her being near unplayable in solo queue is even sadder.

Is it probably good for the long term balance of the game for other controllers to be viable? Yeah, probably.

Is the game less fun for Controller players when Astra is bad and Brimstone is good? Yeah, definitely.

Jett has been allowed to be broken for the lifespan of the game because she’s flashy and fun to play (not as fun as Astra, but you’re not ready for that conversation yet). Sova is still insanely good years after the beta. Why do Controllers get to have no fun?

I guess we’ll just have to wait for them to buff Omen.

Wait, they buffed Omen?

Maybe it’s not all bad. At least I can teleport to my death in protest until Astra is buffed again.