This week, Epic Games brought a new birthday event, new item, and new collaboration to Fortnite.

Here’s everything you may have missed.

Fortnite’s 4th Birthday

Fortnite Battle Royale turned four years old on September 16.

As usual, this means that we have a new Birthday event to celebrate with cakes spawning around the map, some new challenges, and XP/cosmetic rewards.

The challenges should be live through the week, so make sure to get them done while you can. XP seems particularly hard to come by in Season 8.

Epic Games

New Armored Wall trap

We got a small update last week that featured a new trap item: the Armored Wall.

As the name suggests, this trap fortifies an existing wall, making it a lot sturdier to player damage.

I think this will affect competitive modes the most, where lobby-spraying can cost teams qualification in some instances. The Armored Wall is a hard-counter to this.

Epic Games

Fortnite X Balenciaga collab

Fortnite has collaborated with several entertainment entities in the past, and made their fashion debut with the Fortnite X Jordan crossover in 2019.

Last week, they took the next step with the Fortnite X Balenciaga collaboration, which includes in-game skins and shockingly overpriced real-life Fortnite streetwear.

The run, which has since sold out, features $700 Fortnite hoodies, $400 Fortnite hats, and more. 

I’m not sure who the target audience was for this apart from FNCS winners, but it’s out there now.

Epic Games