Keeping up with the Jonesys: weekly Fortnite recap

Another week, another list of Fortnite news to cover.

With the competitive season yet to start, players are still pub-stomping arenas while they wait.

In the meantime, we have some news to catch up on.


Arena Fill

For competitive players, Arena Fill will be the biggest change of the week.

Now, instead of being forced to play Arena Solos while playing alone, you can choose to "Fill" and play with random teammates.

This is a positive change for everyone, as if you don't like it then you don't have to use it. I've already won a few Arena matches with random teammates, so I'm liking the new feature.

Now, all we need is a complete rework of the unquestionably bad Arena point system.

Armored Wall

The new Armored Wall Trap is now in the game, which is the first brand-new item to come to Season 8. The rest of the "new" content has basically be reskinned versions of old items.

I don't think this trap will be much use in casual Fortnite play, but it's going to be a huge deal for stopping lobby spraying in tournaments. You can take a look at a deeper dive into this topic here.

New Voting System

Season 8 launched with the return of the voting system - something that went horribly wrong during the Unvaulting Event in Chapter 1.

This time, the items we vote on will only be in the game for a limited time - something that seems like a much better system than what we saw last time.

On release, players could only vote for where they wanted Mounted Turrets - not exactly an exciting way to spend you Gold. Now, we can vote for the return of the Rift-to-Go or Shockwave Launcher.

I'm partial to the Shockwave Launcher, as the Rift-to-Go promotes running away from fights. The choice is yours, though. Vote for whichever item you want to use.