Keeping up with the Jonesys: weekly Fortnite recap

This week was a relatively tame one in terms of Fortnite news, with the biggest stories coming by way of the FNCS and in-game cosmetics.

Nonetheless, let's get you caught up if you missed some of the news stories from the week.

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Cosmetics news

Fortnite is one of the most cosmetic-heavy games out there. There's hardly a week that goes by that doesn't include news about some new Fortnite skins.

This week, we had Mike Lowry from Bad Boys enter the game - AKA Will Smith.

We also saw a new Crew skin for September, a J Balvin skin enter the game, and the announcement of a new Galaxy skin - which might be the best of all.

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Wild Weeks return

Wild Weeks appear to be a seasonal event going forward, with the Season 7 version entering Fortnite two weeks.

The second week of Wild Weeks involved high-flying items like the Rift-to-Go and Bounce Pad, with an increased spawn rate for Launch Pads.

This is a bit too much mobility in my opinion. Third-parties are constant and players escape far too easily.

Luckily, the Wild Week switches soon.

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FNCS Update

The FNCS Grand Finals are set to take place this weekend. This past weekend saw the last teams in each region secure their spots.

Some big names nearly missed the cut, but most of the big-named teams will be competing this weekend.

You can take a look at a full recap of the FNCS weekend here.

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