Keeping up with the Jonesys: Weekly Fortnite recap

Didn't pay attention to Fortnite last week? No problem!

We have you covered with the biggest stories from everyone's favorite BR. Let's take a look.

V17.10 Patch

The biggest story of the week has to be the v17.10 patch.

The new update brought low-gravity Alien Nanites, a low-gravity zone in Holly Hedges, and a Mythic Ray Gun to the game.

The Nanites might be the most interesting addition, as they allow players to craft alien weapons.

You can now turn an AR into a Pulse Rifle, an SMG into a Ray Gun, and a Sniper into a Rail Gun.

Initially, this caused some issues in competitive modes - where the Rail Gun is disabled. Nanites and snipers were available, allowing players to craft a Rail Gun. This has since been fixed.

Epic Games

LeBron James Skin

In Item Shop news, we had Epic sending content creators teasers for the upcoming Fortnite X LeBron James crossover.

According to the likes of Bugha and SypherPK, we should be getting a LeBron X Fortnite Item Shop on July 14.

On July 12, Epic released images of the skin and its edit styles via the in-game news tab, which you can see, below.

Epic Games

Electricity Element Coming Soon?

Also in Fortnite news was a leak involving a potential new element that could be added to Fortnite: electricity.

According to Hypex, Epic have been working on an element that would exclusively affect metal, just like fire only affects wood.

This has, apparently, been in the works for a while, but was updated in the v17.10 patch.

It could still be some time before we see electricity added to Fortnite. This would indirectly buff stone, as the only building material not affected by elements.