Massive crossover leaks

Keeping up with the Jonesey’s: weekly Fortnite recap

We may not have gotten a Fortnite update this week, but that doesn’t mean the news didn’t come piling in.

From the Epic v Apple lawsuit and the ensuing leaks to the reintroduction of weekly in-game content, we have a lot to talk about. Let’s get started.

Massive crossover leaks

The Epic v Apple court battle kicked off this week, and boy was it interesting. We still have no idea whether or not iOS players will get Fortnite back, but we now know about a secret Walmart cloud gaming service, Sony’s reluctance to engage in cross-platform play, Epic’s dealings with Microsoft, and a lot more.

You can take a look at the full recap or revelations here, but the most interesting in-game Fortnite news has to do with crossovers.

According to court filings, we may see Fortnite crossovers that include The Rock, LeBron James, Naruto, Metal Gear Solid, and a whole lot more.

Tac Shotgun & Infantry Rifle Unvaulted

In a May 3 balance update, Epic made some major quality-of-life changes to Fortnite. They double the Crafting Parts spawn rate, increased the Mechanical Parts that cars give you, and improved Classic weapon loot drops.

The biggest highlight of this update has to be the return of the Tac Shotgun and Infantry Rifle – two items that Fortnite players have always loved. Now, you’re back in the game.

FNCS news

The FNCS open qualifiers are chugging along, with more teams snagging spots in the grand finals.

You can take a look at the Week 2 results here, or skip to all of the qualified teams so far. We’ll update you on the FNCS each week until the Grand Finals.

Epic Games

Fortnite Wild Weeks

Epic seems to be bringing back weekly updates in Season 6, with the announcement of Wild Weeks on May 6.

Each week will have a new theme, starting with “Fighting Fire with Fire.” This week, Flare Guns return and fire-related items have a higher spawn rate in all modes – including Arena.

That’s it for this week! Some of the other smaller stories include: