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Keeping up with the Joneseys: Fortnite news recap

We had a big week in Fortnite, mainly dominated by the leadup to Season 7 and the FNCS Grand Finals.

Let’s take a look at all of the big stories you may have missed.

Season 7: Aliens

Fortnite Season 7 releases next week on June 8, so Epic are giving players a sneak peek of what to expect – as they usually do.

So far, all we know is that aliens will have something to do with Season 7 and the continuation of the Fortnite plot.

Epic have been releasing teasers along with in-game hints, including crop circles that have recently begun to pop up. With a week left to go, we assume Epic will divulge some more information ahead of the Season 7 release.

Epic Games

NBA Team Battles

Fortnite got another crossover last week in the form of Fortnite NBA Battles. The event is relatively simple, with players able to unlock free cosmetics by completing in-game challenges.

The biggest highlight of the event has to be the NBA skins. Like the soccer and football skins before them, players can select an NBA team to represent while on the Fortnite battlefield.

Epic Games

Season 6 FNCS

The Season 6 FNCS wrapped up this weekend with all of the regions showcasing their best competitive talent. Here are the winners for each of the three major regions:

  • EU
    • Trulex, Quesy, Jur3ky
  • NA East
    • Deyysia, Mero11, Reverse
  • NA West
    • Arkham, Rehx, EpikWhale

Reverse2k and his trio continue to surpass expectations in NA-East while Arkham, Rehx, and EpikWhale dominate NAW. They are the best trio in the relatively small region and have been for a long time.

Epic Games

Apart from the esports scene, we had a relative slow news week in Fortnite. There weren’t any major content updates to the game, so we’re mostly working with leaks and rumors for in-game news.

Here are the three biggest stories of the week, in case you missed them.

FNCS results


The biggest news in Fortnite was the FNCS All-Star Solo showdown. We had some huge performances in each region, with under-known names showing-out.

TaySon, who has a history of dominating EU Solo events, won his region. In second was Veno, who was able to surprise a lot of people with his performance.

In NA, we had a complete unknown free agent in PaMstou take the whole thing with 104 points, followed by casqer and Khanada.

You can take a look at the full recap here, but we’ll include the top 5 in EU, NAE, and NAW.

  • 1st: GUILD TaySon 7 – 134 points ($150K)
  • 2nd: solo veno – 122 points ($120K)
  • 3rd: Homyno airknn – 85 points ($100K)
  • 4th: AOS nebs – 84 points ($80K)
  • 5th: Heretics K1nzеll – 83 points ($70K)


  • 1st: PaMstou – 104 points ($75K)
  • 2nd: FS casqer – 97 points ($50K)
  • 3rd: BBG Khanada1x – 94 points ($45K)
  • 4th: LG Slackes – 87 points ($35K)
  • 5th: ENDLESS TRAGIX – 86 points ($30K)


  • 1st: Bloom Riversаn – 110 points ($35K)
  • 2nd: Frapai – 98 points ($25K)
  • 3rd: XTRA Reet1x. – 97 points ($22.5K)
  • 4th: NRG EpikWhale4x – 88 points ($17.5K)
  • 5th: CLG TAY-K – 87 points ($15K)

Epic Games

“Preferred inventory slot” coming in Season 7

As we said, it was a relatively slow week – with one of the biggest pieces of news being a leaked feature.

“Preferred inventory slot” refers to weapons and items automatically sorted as you pick them up. This is something that players have been requesting for years.

According to Hypex, Epic are finally working on the feature. We could see it implemented by the end of Season 7.

Loki enters the Fortnite universe

A variant Loki has joined the Fortnite world in the July Crew pack.

Epic are making these recent Crew packs worthwhile, especially if you’re interested in the Battle Pass.

You can get access to the Battle Pass, 1,000 V-Bucks, and the Loki skin set for $11.99 USD.

Epic Games

For a week without much content, we sure did have a lot of Fortnite news to cover.

Ahead, we’ll recap the biggest stories from the week in case you missed them.

Inflate-A-Bull Update

We’ll start with the small patch we got this week, enabling the Inflate-A-Bull item that was previously added to the game files.

The new item works a bit like Crash Pads from previous seasons, allowing players to bounce out of harm’s way and evade fall damage.

Unfortunately, the new item also caused “God-mode” glitches and was disabled in competitive modes soon after its release.

Epic Games

Massive potential leaks

We had a massive crop of leaks come this week, thanks to a moderator on the r/FortniteLeaks subreddit.

The Reddit mod claimed to have a source working at Epic, who accurately predicted elements of previous Fortnite seasons.

You can look at the full post below, but some of the highlights include:

  • A new map in Chapter 3
  • Kevin’s return at the end of Season 7
  • Ariane Grande crossover/concert
  • New characters and items coming to Season 8

New inventory feature coming

Moving away from leaks, we have a new feature that has been confirmed by Epic Games: loadout presets.

Loadout presets – or the ability to have your inventory auto-generate as you loot – has been at the top of the list of player requests for a long time.

Epic Games confirmed that they are working on this feature, and it should come in the next game update.

Pro player “snaking”

We saw some big drama from the pro scene this week, with players holding trios hostage and “snaking” teams out from under other top pros.

Bugha was left holding the bag for a lot of this – at least, in the public eye.

From what we can infer from Twitter posts, Bugha wanted to play with Deyy and Mero, who traditionally teamed with Reverse2k.


Bugha was supposed to play with Avery, however, so Avery wanted to go back to Stretch and Saf, who were practicing with Khanada.

It all fell through in the end and it looks like all of the original trios are back together. You can take a look at my breakdown and takeaway from the whole situation here.

Epic Games

That’s it for this week!

We’ll be back next Monday with another recap of the week’s Fortnite happenings.

It was an interesting week of Fortnite, with another crossover entering the game and some leaks about what’s to come.

Let’s take a look at everything you may have missed.

Ferrari 296 GTB

Fortnite has made a logical crossover with Ferrari, bringing their new 296 GTB to the game.

I’m not sure how many Fortnite players can afford a Ferrari, but it’s good to get it in their mind at an early age.

The vehicle can be found scattered around the map and has the same stats as the Whiplash. It’s a cool crossover, but doesn’t do anything to change the game.

Epic Games

Bugha Crossover

Fortnite World Cup winner, Bugha, was also immortalized in Fortnite this week.

Bugha becomes yet another streamer/pro player to get a skin in Fortnite.

Along with a skin for him and his dog, Bugha got one of the best LTMs Fortnite has ever seen: Late Game.

You can see Jaxon’s take on why Late Game the greatest LTM ever here. 

Epic Games

More Collab Leaks

Epic Games sent out a survey to select players, asking how excited they’d be about certain potential crossovers.

Some of the selections featured popular influencers, musical artists, shows, movies, other video games, etc.

Basically, if you can think of it, it’s on this list.

Of course, this is far from confirmation that all of these crossovers will happen. Still, it’s safe to assume that a handful of them will make it to Fortnite in the future.

V17.20 Patch

The Fortnite v17.20 patch wasn’t too big.

The biggest change made to the live game was the “Preferred Item Slot” setting – something players have been requesting for years.

The more interesting elements of the patch could be found in the leaks.

Included in the leaks were a new Gravity Gun (likely coming this week), Slipstreams potentially being added, Rift Zones in Season 7, an a season-ending event.

You can take a look at all of the leaks found in v17.20 here.

Epic Games

Last week, we had a small update, some interesting leaks about future content, and more details about the Rift Tour and Ariana Grande crossover.

Here’s everything you missed.

Rift Tour ft. Ariana Grande

The closest upcoming event should be the Rift Tour, which is set to kick off on August 6.

This will be a concert, with Ariana Grande as the headliner. We’ve already seen some skin variations leaked, which should be in the Item Shop around the time of the concert.

Interesting leaks

Speaking of leaks, we also heard news about a Fortnite X Naruto crossover coming in the future.

This isn’t completely new, but recent leaks all but confirm that Epic have received the rights to Naruto and will be bringing it to the game.

We also know The Mothership’s next target: Slurpy Swamp. More leaked images show how the POI will look as The Mothership attempts to abduct it.

Small update

We didn’t get a massive update last week, as Epic focused on bug fixes and a couple of balance changes.

The biggest change probably came to the Parasites – one if the more annoying elements of Fortnite to that point.

Parasites seem to be everywhere, and can be devastating in solo modes if you don’t have any healing.

Thankfully, Epic made them fly slower – making them easier to avoid. They also limited the amount of health they take from you, making the sacrifice of encountering a Parasite less drastic.

Epic Games

Another big week of Fortnite news with the leadup to the new season, including a some major map changes, a new Battle Pass, and a Season-ending event.

Here’s everything you missed from this past week in Fortnite.

Epic Games

Season 8 is here!

Obviously, the biggest news of the week is the release of Fortnite Season 8: Cubed.

We’ll have Jaxon’s full thoughts on the new map after a full day of playing it, but the initial impression is: so far, so good.

The major POIs have been relatively unchanged, but Epic added a ton of new elements to the map.

I expect to see some more changes over the course of the season, but the current meta is pretty fun.

Epic Games

New Battle Pass

A new season means a new Battle Pass to explore.

We got a new version of Fishstick, a Carnage crossover at level 100, and some brand new characters introduced.

You can take a look at the full Season 8 Battle Pass in the video below.

Operation: Sky Fire event

The event that concluded Season 7 was one of the best we’ve seen in several seasons. I’m not ready to give it the “best ever” tag, but it hit several notes that had fans excited.

Out of all of the things we saw, the biggest reveal has to be that there are multiple Kevin cubes and that they originated from the invading aliens.

We’ll do a full event ranking soon, but this one is undoubtedly in the top five.

Another week, another list of Fortnite news to cover.

With the competitive season yet to start, players are still pub-stomping arenas while they wait.

In the meantime, we have some news to catch up on.


Arena Fill

For competitive players, Arena Fill will be the biggest change of the week.

Now, instead of being forced to play Arena Solos while playing alone, you can choose to “Fill” and play with random teammates.

This is a positive change for everyone, as if you don’t like it then you don’t have to use it. I’ve already won a few Arena matches with random teammates, so I’m liking the new feature.

Now, all we need is a complete rework of the unquestionably bad Arena point system.

Armored Wall

The new Armored Wall Trap is now in the game, which is the first brand-new item to come to Season 8. The rest of the “new” content has basically be reskinned versions of old items.

I don’t think this trap will be much use in casual Fortnite play, but it’s going to be a huge deal for stopping lobby spraying in tournaments. You can take a look at a deeper dive into this topic here.

New Voting System

Season 8 launched with the return of the voting system – something that went horribly wrong during the Unvaulting Event in Chapter 1.

This time, the items we vote on will only be in the game for a limited time – something that seems like a much better system than what we saw last time.

On release, players could only vote for where they wanted Mounted Turrets – not exactly an exciting way to spend you Gold. Now, we can vote for the return of the Rift-to-Go or Shockwave Launcher.

I’m partial to the Shockwave Launcher, as the Rift-to-Go promotes running away from fights. The choice is yours, though. Vote for whichever item you want to use.

This week, Epic Games brought a new birthday event, new item, and new collaboration to Fortnite.

Here’s everything you may have missed.

Fortnite’s 4th Birthday

Fortnite Battle Royale turned four years old on September 16.

As usual, this means that we have a new Birthday event to celebrate with cakes spawning around the map, some new challenges, and XP/cosmetic rewards.

The challenges should be live through the week, so make sure to get them done while you can. XP seems particularly hard to come by in Season 8.

Epic Games

New Armored Wall trap

We got a small update last week that featured a new trap item: the Armored Wall.

As the name suggests, this trap fortifies an existing wall, making it a lot sturdier to player damage.

I think this will affect competitive modes the most, where lobby-spraying can cost teams qualification in some instances. The Armored Wall is a hard-counter to this.

Epic Games

Fortnite X Balenciaga collab

Fortnite has collaborated with several entertainment entities in the past, and made their fashion debut with the Fortnite X Jordan crossover in 2019.

Last week, they took the next step with the Fortnite X Balenciaga collaboration, which includes in-game skins and shockingly overpriced real-life Fortnite streetwear.

The run, which has since sold out, features $700 Fortnite hoodies, $400 Fortnite hats, and more. 

I’m not sure who the target audience was for this apart from FNCS winners, but it’s out there now.

Epic Games

This week, we had a new patch that came with some significant leaks for future Fortnite content.

Let’s take a look at everything you might have missed.

Leak suggests BRUTE will return

The most interesting and troubling news of the week is that Mechs – or the BRUTE – has returned to the game files.

These Mechs were some of the most hated vehicle in all of Fortnite, but they were bound to return at some point. We can only hope that they see some significant nerfs from their last interation.

Arena mode changes

In the most recent patch, Epic made some long-awaited changes to Arena Mode in Fortnite. 

These changes are pretty small, but they’re a step in the right direction. You can now de-rank out of different levels, and Epic adjusted elimination rewards at the earlier stages.

Hopefully, this is just the first in a line of changes coming to Fortnite.

Epic Games

New Chili Chug Splash

The more signification addition to Fortnite in the new patch was the Chili Chug Splash. These are normal Chug Splashes that give players a speed boost and replaced the Chug Cannon in the Llama loot.

These are now the most powerful healing item in the game, but they took the place of a previous item that held the same role. It will be interesting to see how pro players use the new item in tournaments.

Epic Games

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