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Keeping up with the Joneseys: weekly Fortnite recap

For a week without much content, we sure did have a lot of Fortnite news to cover.

Ahead, we'll recap the biggest stories from the week in case you missed them.

Inflate-A-Bull Update

We'll start with the small patch we got this week, enabling the Inflate-A-Bull item that was previously added to the game files.

The new item works a bit like Crash Pads from previous seasons, allowing players to bounce out of harm's way and evade fall damage.

Unfortunately, the new item also caused "God-mode" glitches and was disabled in competitive modes soon after its release.

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Massive potential leaks

We had a massive crop of leaks come this week, thanks to a moderator on the r/FortniteLeaks subreddit.

The Reddit mod claimed to have a source working at Epic, who accurately predicted elements of previous Fortnite seasons.

You can look at the full post below, but some of the highlights include:

  • A new map in Chapter 3
  • Kevin's return at the end of Season 7
  • Ariane Grande crossover/concert
  • New characters and items coming to Season 8

New inventory feature coming

Moving away from leaks, we have a new feature that has been confirmed by Epic Games: loadout presets.

Loadout presets - or the ability to have your inventory auto-generate as you loot - has been at the top of the list of player requests for a long time.

Epic Games confirmed that they are working on this feature, and it should come in the next game update.

Pro player "snaking"

We saw some big drama from the pro scene this week, with players holding trios hostage and "snaking" teams out from under other top pros.

Bugha was left holding the bag for a lot of this - at least, in the public eye.

From what we can infer from Twitter posts, Bugha wanted to play with Deyy and Mero, who traditionally teamed with Reverse2k.


Bugha was supposed to play with Avery, however, so Avery wanted to go back to Stretch and Saf, who were practicing with Khanada.

It all fell through in the end and it looks like all of the original trios are back together. You can take a look at my breakdown and takeaway from the whole situation here.

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That's it for this week!

We'll be back next Monday with another recap of the week's Fortnite happenings.