Keeping up with the Joneseys: Weekly Fortnite Recap

Apart from the esports scene, we had a relative slow news week in Fortnite. There weren't any major content updates to the game, so we're mostly working with leaks and rumors for in-game news.

Here are the three biggest stories of the week, in case you missed them.

FNCS results


The biggest news in Fortnite was the FNCS All-Star Solo showdown. We had some huge performances in each region, with under-known names showing-out.

TaySon, who has a history of dominating EU Solo events, won his region. In second was Veno, who was able to surprise a lot of people with his performance.

In NA, we had a complete unknown free agent in PaMstou take the whole thing with 104 points, followed by casqer and Khanada.

You can take a look at the full recap here, but we'll include the top 5 in EU, NAE, and NAW.

  • 1st: GUILD TaySon 7 - 134 points ($150K)
  • 2nd: solo veno - 122 points ($120K)
  • 3rd: Homyno airknn - 85 points ($100K)
  • 4th: AOS nebs - 84 points ($80K)
  • 5th: Heretics K1nzеll - 83 points ($70K)


  • 1st: PaMstou - 104 points ($75K)
  • 2nd: FS casqer - 97 points ($50K)
  • 3rd: BBG Khanada1x - 94 points ($45K)
  • 4th: LG Slackes - 87 points ($35K)
  • 5th: ENDLESS TRAGIX - 86 points ($30K)


  • 1st: Bloom Riversаn - 110 points ($35K)
  • 2nd: Frapai - 98 points ($25K)
  • 3rd: XTRA Reet1x. - 97 points ($22.5K)
  • 4th: NRG EpikWhale4x - 88 points ($17.5K)
  • 5th: CLG TAY-K - 87 points ($15K)

Epic Games

"Preferred inventory slot" coming in Season 7

As we said, it was a relatively slow week - with one of the biggest pieces of news being a leaked feature.

"Preferred inventory slot" refers to weapons and items automatically sorted as you pick them up. This is something that players have been requesting for years.

According to Hypex, Epic are finally working on the feature. We could see it implemented by the end of Season 7.

Loki enters the Fortnite universe

A variant Loki has joined the Fortnite world in the July Crew pack.

Epic are making these recent Crew packs worthwhile, especially if you're interested in the Battle Pass.

You can get access to the Battle Pass, 1,000 V-Bucks, and the Loki skin set for $11.99 USD.

Epic Games