Keeping up with the Joneseys: weekly Fortnite recap

We had a big week in Fortnite, mainly dominated by the leadup to Season 7 and the FNCS Grand Finals.

Let's take a look at all of the big stories you may have missed.

Season 7: Aliens

Fortnite Season 7 releases next week on June 8, so Epic are giving players a sneak peek of what to expect - as they usually do.

So far, all we know is that aliens will have something to do with Season 7 and the continuation of the Fortnite plot.

Epic have been releasing teasers along with in-game hints, including crop circles that have recently begun to pop up. With a week left to go, we assume Epic will divulge some more information ahead of the Season 7 release.

Epic Games

NBA Team Battles

Fortnite got another crossover last week in the form of Fortnite NBA Battles. The event is relatively simple, with players able to unlock free cosmetics by completing in-game challenges.

The biggest highlight of the event has to be the NBA skins. Like the soccer and football skins before them, players can select an NBA team to represent while on the Fortnite battlefield.

Epic Games

Season 6 FNCS

The Season 6 FNCS wrapped up this weekend with all of the regions showcasing their best competitive talent. Here are the winners for each of the three major regions:

  • EU
    • Trulex, Quesy, Jur3ky
  • NA East
    • Deyysia, Mero11, Reverse
  • NA West
    • Arkham, Rehx, EpikWhale

Reverse2k and his trio continue to surpass expectations in NA-East while Arkham, Rehx, and EpikWhale dominate NAW. They are the best trio in the relatively small region and have been for a long time.

Epic Games