Keeping up with Killjoy: weekly Valorant recap

Last week's Valorant news was dominated by esports, with the Stage 3 Challengers 2 of the VCT taking place in each region.

We saw Liquid come out on top in EU and TSM beat FaZe in the finals for NA. Here's everything you missed last week.

EU Challengers 2 recap

EU continues to be one of the more competitive regions in Valorant, with the top teams seeming to shuffle with each event.

FNATIC, the EMEA team that made it the furthest in Masters 2, is now out of the running and won't even be competing in the EMEA playoffs - let alone Masters 3.

Liquid, the other Masters 2 EMEA team, won the event with a 3-1 series against Vodafone Giants, who also secured a spot in the EMEA playoffs.

The full EMEA playoff bracket is below, courtesy of

NA Challengers 2 recap

Challengers 2 in NA was comprised of teams that appear to be a step below the ones that qualified for NA playoffs in Challengers 1.

TSM and FaZe Clan, two teams that have been underperforming when you consider their standards, made it to the Grand Finals.

TSM looked like the better team for almost all of their 3-1 series win.

Both teams make it to the NA playoffs, though, with notable misses including Version1 and Gen.G.

Night Market returns

The biggest piece of in-game news is probably the return of the Night Market, as balance changes have been put on the back burner while VCT rages on.

It's a good time to snag a weapon skin if you're looking for one.

Some players are luckier than others, though. I didn't get a single knife, Vandal, or Phantom skin in the Night Market on either of my two accounts.

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NA Challengers 2 recap