Keeping up with Killjoy: weekly Valorant recap

This week in Valorant, we saw the first week of EU VCT qualifiers, some major roster shake-ups, and a CS:GO star announcing his switch to Valroant.

Here are all of the biggest stories from the week.

EU Open Qualifiers

The first week of the EU open qualifiers took place this week, which is the biggest storyline in Valorant right now.

Most of the early-week matches went about how you would expect. Big-name teams like NiP, OG, and G2 ran the table against lesser opponents before meeting one another in the mid-rounds.

The biggest shock might be the 2-0 victory G2 had over FNATIC. We're writing this before the Friday games kick off, so there may be even more surprises to come.

You can watch the games on official Valorant channels along with the casters' channels, like RyanCentral, MitchMan, Hypoc, and Lothar.

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NBK switches to Valorant

One of the biggest Valorant esports stories of the week - outside of the EU Qualifiers, was Nathan "NBK" Schmitt's announcement that he was switching to Valorant.

The seasoned CSGO star is looking to take his talents to a new title. He currently plays for OG, but isn't on the Valorant roster just yet.

NBK will probably need some time to practice and learn Valorant a bit deeper, but there's no doubt that he'll be among the top names in the game by Masters 4.

Major roster shake-ups

As EU teams fight for their place in the finals, other regions are finalizing their rosters for VCT Challengers.

Some of the roster move highlights of the week include:

  • Lakia leaves NUTURN for Vision Strikers
  • NUTURN replaces Lakia with 10X
  • c4Lypso leaves Rise Nation
  • Immortals sign truo
  • FaZe loans Marved to Envy and signs BabjyJ
  • TSM adds Bang
  • Noble debuts Valorant roster

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