Keeping up with Killjoy: Weekly Valorant Recap

We had a big week of Valorant, especially in the professional scene with VCT Masters 2 in Iceland.

At the same time, casual players will be happy to see that Riot continue to communicate changes with the player base and expand on the lore. Is there such a thing as a “casual” Valorant player, though?

Here are the biggest stories from last week in Valorant

Sentinels win VCT Masters 2

The biggest story in Valorant has to be the VCT Masters and Sentinels’ dominant performance of almost every team they faced.

FNATIC was the only team that Sentinels didn’t steamroll, which made a fitting rematch in the finals.

In the end, after three close matches, Sentinels swept FNATIC and won the whole event. Sentinels are the best team in the world if they can keep TenZ, and everyone else will need to step up their strategies going forward.

Riot Games

State of the Agents

Another big piece of news from last week is Riot’s State of the Agents blog post.

In the blog, the team teased a new agent and outlined balance changes for Breech, Skye, Yoru, Viper, and Astra. We should see these changes come to the game before the season ends.

Now that Masters 2 is in the rearview, Riot has a greater ability to balance agents and maps without messing up the professional meta. Look for a lot of changes ahead of Masters 3 next month.

Lore expansion: Duality

Riot has been relatively quiet on the topic of official Valorant lore. Over the weekend, however, they released a cinematic to commemorate the one-year anneversary of Valorant’s release.

The lore video, while cool, didn’t tell us too much that we didn’t already know – or, at least, speculate about. It’s worth a watch if you’re interested in the story of this tactical shooter.

We expect this week to be relatively slow – possibly with a balance update to bring some of the new agent changes to the game.

On the esports front, it should be about a month before we know more about VCT 3. Of course, we’ll update you when we know more.